T-minus 61 days. That means we have about two months left of this school year.

Excuse my improper spelling, grammar, and exclamation, but this is pretty big deal.

I’ve been at this school for five years. Some have been here for thirteen of more. It’s crazy to think that it all has boiled down to these last few weeks. All 27 of us, (hopefully we’ll stay at 27) will be moving in each and every different direction, down our own roads, to new and wonderful lives.

We should all end on a good note, right?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel as if there is far too much tension between us. Why is that exactly? Can’t we all just look past that and think, “Hey! We’re almost done with this year! We should just relax and finish this year with class and with relaxation!”

We have students going to Wesleyan, UC Berkeley, Chapman, and UW. Shouldn’t we all be proud of our friends? It’s pretty big deal to get into colleges such as these whether we chose to believe it or not. Just because we watch it happen every year doesn’t mean that it happens to the collective population outside of our school?

Can’t we unify as one? We still have enough time to really appreciate these people one last time. All these people we’ve known for years will soon be out of our lives with the blink of an eye. I’m sure you’re thinking “I’m glad! I can’t wait to get out of here!” But once you’re actually gone, you’re going to miss it. I know that I’ll miss it.