A Time To Relax.


Ok yes I do live in sunny California but it’s still very exciting to be booking a holiday to somewhere hot. Somewhere with beautiful, idyllic beaches, great food and a lovely warm sea. The prospect of relaxing with absolutely no cares in the world is so appealing right now. Just one more thing to do, make it through senior year.

To some, Senior year may have been a breeze, but to me right now it is a struggle to make it through. No I’m not suffering from the good old senioritous. I just really need a break. Some people may say that your High School years are the best years of your life and they have been, don’t get me wrong. But right now I need a long time to relax and summer is just a little to far away.

Swimming in a clear ocean, snorkeling, diving in pools or just lapping up the sun on a inflatable lilo. All these are things that I love to do to relax but they all involve time. Time I just don’t have. Plus in Cali the water is just a little too cold.

Currently the bath has become my place of rest and relaxation. The bath is a place where I can clear my mind of all thoughts, close my eyes and dream that I’m lying in some luxurious sea. Unfortunately this dream is shattered when I step out the water filled shell into reality.

Bring on the summer and bring on a time to relax.

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