We toss the words moral and ethics around so much that I have begun to hate both words.

Now my morals and ethics have come into question on multiple occasions, just like almost any one else. Maybe it is my youth, but I find it so curious how people could tell others what is right and what is wrong.

Now I do not say this in a fully rebellious way. I think there should be laws for society to function. But I do not believe in right or wrong.

This may be because I am such an atheist and I do not see any god or such figure that has more knowledge than us who can tell us what is right and wrong. I do not feel the threat of damnation to motivate me to do the “right” thing.

Again, it may be due to my young age that I do not see that some things are just straight up wrong. There are things that I feel are wrong such as murder, but I do not feel that everyone must share the same belief.

Rules and laws exist to keep society in check and functioning. I do not believe they should be there to force people to do what is right. People will do what they will do and they must suffer the consequences of what society dictates.

But when someone says to me “How can you believe that?” I question them with “Because that is what I feel”. Why are some feelings about actions superior to others?

Who are you to question what I believe is right? Who are you to look down on me for what I think?

I feel that this is an area where we can improve as a society.

We can keep our laws and we can change them, I have no qualms with that. But we as people should be more accepting and understanding of the thoughts of others, no matter what we are predisposed to think.

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