The Sound From My Heart.

I believe that the sound comes from my heart. Wherever I go, whatever I do, it stays with me, always.

“Breakfast 7 am; Art Class 9 am; Lunch 12 pm; Reading time 3 pm; Dinner 6 p.m.” From the moment I open my sulky eyes in the early morning, I view this schedule board on my bedroom door. It changes every single day. It is really helpful, at least for me. It tells me what to do and where to go.

My mother comes in with a delightful smile as usual. I am really grateful that my mother can still spend her precious time taking care of me even though it is not always easy to look after me. I love her smile just like I enjoy the beautiful sunshine. “Good morning, honey” were the words she wrote on the board along with a big smiley face. I laughed. “It seems you are not going to learn the sign language, are you?” I wrote back to her. “Oh,you are right, I am not going to. Cause I prefer this way to communicate with you. I like the moment when you see my words, I like the way that I can make you surprised, the way you can feel your life is colorful and dulcet.”

I know my mom. She is the only person who understands me, the only person who can put herself into my special life.

Suddenly, a beam of dazzling light hurts my sensitive eyes. I woke up. Yes,I dreamed of my mom again.

My life is full of gorgeous color, but also full of silence. I can remember everything I see through my insightful eyes. I try my best to use my audition, but I couldn’t. I have to admit that I am a stubborn girl but I will never give up on finding my own sound. I must be independent and learn to grow up by myself.

It is a beautiful Monday. The sun spreads softly. The fresh air is warm and comfortable. I sing my favorite songs when I walk through the fragrant flowers. I smile at everything around me. It always makes me feel satisfied because I can see this beauteous world clearer than others. My mom really impressed me a lot. She taught me how to live by myself, and how to smile at my life no matter how difficult it may be. Her words and deeds influenced me to know the world as a colorful and peaceful. She made me persistent and hopeful again. I miss her a lot.

I keep walking to the familiar place. I see people with sad faces and tears. Maybe we are different. Finally I find my mom’s place. The flowers I picked up were put on my mother’s gravestone lightly just like her peaceful smile. And also, I brought the board she used to speak to me. The big smiling face is still lying on it.

I smiled with the sunshine, with the sweetest memory flows from my mind.

At this moment, I can clearly hear my mom’s melodious voice, I can clearly hear the sound from my deep heart, it says: “Happy Birthday, mom.”

The sound comes from my heart. Wherever I go, whatever I do, it will stay with me, forever.

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