Free The Pegasus Credit to

People have been telling me that the lines in the sky left behind airplanes, called contrails, are actually chemicals being sprayed by the government. Those people are stupid (with the exception of my lovely editor). The government wants us to think that they are spraying chemicals through contrails, which they have now named chemtrails. The truth is a lot scarier than that. Planes do not fly because of physics or other sciences; Think about it: A metal tube can’t possible be held up by two metal pieces that are not even half the mass of the tube itself. The only reason why they can fly is because planes are powered by Pegasus’ ashes.

The ashes of the Pegasus are magical, giving anything the power to fly. The trails left behind are not chemicals, but the ashes of a Pegasus. Most people don’t know this, but up until the late 1890s, Pegasus freely soared through the skies until two brothers learned that their ashes were magical. Because killing a Pegasus was frowned upon, they pretended it was science that made their plane fly. As time went on, more and more planes were made and by the end of World War I, Pegasus no longer roamed the skies.

The world was ashamed of what they had done, so they covered it up, pretending like a Pegasus was nothing more than a myth. But just because they didn’t roam the skies didn’t mean they went extinct. In fact, millions of Pegasus are being held and bred in captivity. The US has the biggest supply of Pegasus in the world, and they alone kill over 1,000,000 of them a year. They keep it such a hidden secret by pitching other conspiracies to the public, like area 51 is an alien experimentation facility. Which sounds pretty convincing to most, but I know the truth. Area 51 is where all of the Pegasus are bred and slaughtered, but it is not where they are burned. Burning the Pegasus causes tons of pollution, so to get the precious ashes,  the caucuses are shipped to China where there are hardly any environmental regulations. People need to wake up and realize what is going on around us. The government is exploiting a creature for what they is believe is the greater good. It should not be tolerated. #FreeThePegasus2K16

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