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A World of Adventure

Sometimes I contemplate whether or not after high school I should take a gap year. There’s so many things to learn by simply traveling and exploring, and I wonder if there’s too many possible adventures to simply get done in … Continue reading

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Camping Conundrums

At Ojai Valley School, the whole school is like one big family, similar to having around 120 brothers and sisters. One thing that makes the OVS community like this is the annual fall camping trip. This trip is used to introduce the … Continue reading

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Santa Cruzin’

I don’t consider myself a water person – unlike the bounty of surfers and ocean fanatics that I now surround myself with, I grew up inland and only ventured to the cold Oregon Coast 1-2 times each year. Now in … Continue reading

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Camping Chaos

After an incredible summer, I’m back and ready for my senior year. Coming back to school felt so sudden, especially when I heard the news that there was a mandatory all-school camping trip on the second week of school. Uh … Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Fashion

“Every patch is a memory, every tear has a tale. These are the stories we wear.” This is the motto of Patagonia’s Worn Wear Campaign. As I have grown up, I noticed the environment becoming more and more important. Grocery … Continue reading

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Seven years ago, I went camping at El Capitan. I was only a fourth grader. Although I was only in fourth grade, camping wasn’t a new experience for me. I had been camping with OVS since Kindergarten. Just this past … Continue reading

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