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Branded Feminism

When I was five, my mom bought a silver iPod with bulky, rounded corners and a perpetually dirty screen. I would always listen to her vast array of songs while sitting in a shopping cart at the grocery store or in Walmart. … Continue reading

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Queen Bey Stings Again

On November 2, the 2016 Country Music Awards were held. Usually filled with the many familiar faces of country music, this awards show’s 50th year was different. In a surprise performance, Beyoncé, accompanied by the Dixie Chicks, shocked fans with a … Continue reading

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Further Proof That Beyoncé is a Higher Being

On Saturday, October 15, Beyoncé was performing at her Tidal concert, when her braid got caught on her one of her earrings, and the earring RIPPED OUT OF HER EARLOBE. Queen Bey didn’t miss a beat in her dance routine … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Music…

Music is the most powerful of weapons. It is a loaded gun to your mind and you pull the trigger when you press play. The beat is the rounds going BANG, BANG, BANG. The feeling you get, the euphoric experience … Continue reading

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Playing an Instrument

I’ve never really been one of those people who has an emotional connection to music. I’ve played so many instruments that I could be a one woman band, but never did I actually feel a strong connection to playing. I started … Continue reading

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Hello Adele

This week Adele was a Phoenix. She came up from the ashes and built herself up again. In 2012, Adele left the world of music and took an almost 4 year hiatus to focus on herself. She took time to … Continue reading

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Boys with Attitude

Mr. Killeen assigned a project to his chemistry students to research an element of their choice, but there was also extra credit involved. This extra credit was to create a periodic table song and play it for the class. One song definitely … Continue reading

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