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Ski Season

I am overwhelmed with excitement for the ski season approaching; the visions of snowflakes float around in my mind, reminding me of the snow-filled times of last year. While at Mammoth Mountain over the holidays last year, my dad challenged … Continue reading

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Winter sunsets

Winter sunsets are always the brightest. The days are shorter, the nights are darker. It’s November, and even though it’s cold enough to see your breath in the air we still eat dinner in the backyard. It’s cold, but who … Continue reading

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Warmth of the Cold

I love fall. The sheer aesthetic of sitting by a window with warm glowing string lights, drinking some sort of hot tea, surrounded with the smell of books. The fact that it is finally cold enough to be wearing wool … Continue reading

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The Deadly Truth About Love

I’m not necessarily a person who trusts easily. It takes me a long time to open up to someone, to let them know what goes through my mind or what makes me tick, what makes me happy or sad. But … Continue reading

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A World of Adventure

Sometimes I contemplate whether or not after high school I should take a gap year. There’s so many things to learn by simply traveling and exploring, and I wonder if there’s too many possible adventures to simply get done in … Continue reading

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Visions of gray filled up my wondering eyes. The somber haze lingered in the moist air. The drab flowers filled up my already melancholy mind. The first day we met the visions of gray disappeared, Faded away. The opal skies … Continue reading

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One careless step

I’ve always been careful. All my life. I always lock my door. I never drive when I’m tired. I don’t leave the house  by myself when it’s dark out. It’s things like that, that show how paranoid I am. I’ve always … Continue reading

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