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romeo lost

poets only write about love and love lost, but what about the time afterward? what about the times when i see you my heart breaks, not because i miss you, but i miss the feeling of you. the feeling of … Continue reading

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I Miss Reading

If summer means free time and free time means reading, summer therefore means reading…and catching up on shows. Summer fever has hit hard. With new books on the way and old ones staring me down, my fingers physically itch. My … Continue reading

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New Year, New Teen Vogue

In an interview done by Fox News, Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca’s authorial legitimacy was questioned. She was asked to be interviewed after writing a piece on Donald Trump back in December 2016. So, as one would assume, she thought … Continue reading

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fire and ice

fire and ice she was burning with fiery, passionate love she had eyes of burnt ember and they sparked every so often she wanted to envelop everyone in a comforting warmth she became her kids’ campfire so she could give … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Music…

Music is the most powerful of weapons. It is a loaded gun to your mind and you pull the trigger when you press play. The beat is the rounds going BANG, BANG, BANG. The feeling you get, the euphoric experience … Continue reading

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The Ups and Downs

Life is like a roller coaster. Filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and abrupt starts and stops. Your future is like the tedious clicking of your cart on the incline. Each time you move a little forward, the … Continue reading

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  It’s 11:11 A minute left until 11:12 It’s 11:11. What do you wish for? A new car? Your crush to notice you? To have everything you’ve ever wanted? There’s 30 seconds until 11:12. What is it going to be? … Continue reading

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