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Haven’t met you yet

I know who the love of my life is. But I haven’t met him yet. I know that he will love music and maybe play the guitar and we’ll both know how to speak Spanish. He will want to travel … Continue reading

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A World of Adventure

Sometimes I contemplate whether or not after high school I should take a gap year. There’s so many things to learn by simply traveling and exploring, and I wonder if there’s too many possible adventures to simply get done in … Continue reading

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Camping Conundrums

At Ojai Valley School, the whole school is like one big family, similar to having around 120 brothers and sisters. One thing that makes the OVS community like this is the annual fall camping trip. This trip is used to introduce the … Continue reading

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summer loving

Summer, I’m going to miss you. More than the ocean misses the shore. I’m going to miss Your eternally messed up sandy hair Falling on your imperfect face. The way your eyes remind me of waves, Dark, deep blue and … Continue reading

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Some Love for Rainy Days

There’s a certain thing I love about rainy days. Being able to take the day off to snuggle under a mountain of blankets and pillows. Breaking into the food cabinet for hot chocolate and marshmallows. Making a batch of warm, … Continue reading

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Until It Happens To You

Photo Credit: (not my accident) Before every Thanksgiving break, the Ojai Valley School’s upper campus receives a speech from headmaster Mr. Cooper about safety. This talk consistently includes the statement, “the most dangerous thing you can do it get … Continue reading

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Journalism Competition

Monday, March 30th, OVS’ Journalism class took a trip down to Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks for a Journalism competition. I have only been in Journalism for a little over three months now, so this is still all very … Continue reading

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