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Dear Netflix

TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE, EATING DISORDERS Dear Netflix, Please stop making shows/ movies about mental illness willy-nilly. Coming from a girl with clinical depression and anxiety, your depictions never get it right. I’m a sucker for any entertainment, especially your notoriously … Continue reading

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Younger Brother

It was a relaxing day, the sun was out, and like any other day, I used my time as a wise person would, in the most interesting way, by bugging my younger brother. I must have been four at the … Continue reading

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Cloudy skies

“You know, sometimes I just wanna stay like this forever. Just here, laying with you.” I look over to Will, right next to me on our school’s soccer field. “Yeah, I like how the stars shine through the clouds.” There … Continue reading

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For the girls: a few questions. Isn’t it exhausting? Exhausting to have a standard already set for what makes a woman beautiful? Everywhere you look, you see a beautiful girl with beautiful hair, skin, and eyes, a beautiful smile and … Continue reading

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Dark Lights

There once used to be so much brightness in my life So much light The kind of light that shows itself through the floaty leaves flowing in the autumn breeze The sunlight that glistens against the piercing blue, salty ocean … Continue reading

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I can’t believe you’re still here. I thought I chased you away that day when everything went black and blue, that day when the soulless bloodhounds killed for me, crawling around my heels, with your blood dripping from their mouths … Continue reading

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My first Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving? You’ll probably answer with: “It’s an American holiday and as the name suggests, it’s an occasion for people to be thankful for all the blessings in their lives.” But what’s the origin of Thanksgiving? When the Pilgrims arrived … Continue reading

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