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Working at McDonald’s

Most of the young people who have just graduated college are trying to find jobs to get experience. There is one place to work where they teach teamwork and how to be a leader. That place is called McDonald’s, which may be surprising … Continue reading

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School Fatigue & Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is almost here, and with that comes a week-long break from school, which I am truly grateful for. Lately, to be able to make it through the school day I have had to go to bed at 9 pm. … Continue reading

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Burgers and Fries Oh My

In order to graduate from Ojai Valley School, each senior must successfully complete a senior project. These projects range from visiting Alcatraz to camping on an island for a week. My best friend, and editor, Kendall Shiffman and I have … Continue reading

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The Nefarious Pastry

French macarons. Instantly recognizable, coveted. A pastry to instill child like glee in the hearts of all. If the sight of those perfectly round little sandwiched pastel cookies does not evoke some sort of emotion, specifically respect, in you then … Continue reading

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It is finally here my friends

Hello my fellow lactose intolerant friends, If you haven’t heard, I am happy to announce that Ben & Jerry’s has created four new flavors… DAIRY FREE! Yes I am talking about the same Ben & Jerry’s that makes the amazing Phish food … Continue reading

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What House Arrest does to you

So my dad is basically on house arrest because of his recent heart attack. Because of this house arrest that he has been sentenced to by his doctors and my mother, he has decided to take up and master the art … Continue reading

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Cheese Cures Cancer?

To brie, or not to brie may no longer be the question. Everything these days seems to cause cancer. Alcohol, meat, air fresheners, candles, art supplies, shampoos, conditioners, and even sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen. The thing that is supposed to save … Continue reading

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