The Boys

There is something beautiful about the congregation of adolescent males. Sure, most of the time something gets broken, the noise level goes through the roof and no one, not even the participants, understand what’s going on. But the camaraderie and jocular affection displayed among teenage boys is an experience worth having.

As I end my time here at OVS, I want to pay tribute to some of The Boys. The next blog posts will each describe one or two individuals who have been important in my time during high school. Some have been great mates in the musical, others on the field, and some by helping me with crosswords. But each lad in one way or another has made the last four years of my life better, so this is my way of saying thank you.

Make It or Break It season is back again! Every year in October, each volleyball club holds a series of tryouts for the upcoming season. In the past I’ve played for California Heat Volleyball Club. I decided to return back to my club for yet another season.

Just because I am a returning player, does not mean tryouts are any easier. The moment you walk in the door you are handed a number to attach to your shirt, and your picture is taken. Tryouts are daunting for anyone; you’re competing against tons of other girls for the same spot, your spot. Every Coach at the club sits in chairs lined up along the court watching every move you make. That alone can throw you off your game; nonetheless the idea that another girl could potentially take your spot on the roster.

What you do in those two hours sums you up to every coach sitting there, and ultimately makes or breaks you. It’s easy to let one mistake throw off your entire game. The end of tryouts comes and the head coach reads off a set of numbers. If your number is called, you’re being offered a spot. Thankfully, my number was called yet another year, and I was offered a spot for a division one age 17’s team. No matter how good you are, or how long you’ve been playing, tryouts are nerve-racking. I think it’s extremely vital that you stay relaxed throughout the entire thing, but fight for what you want. Show them what you’ve got.