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Growing Pains

Monogamy as a concept is a strange thing, but little girls are taught from early childhood to believe that it is the ultimate goals. More than half of my friends parents are divorced, often times with one parent leaving the … Continue reading

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Dirty Feet Blues

I want to live a life with permanently dirty feet. The assertion that one is obligated to be confined in shoes, at a job, where you sit in the same spot, and do the same thing everyday. When I was … Continue reading

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Just Some Strange Feeling

Explaining how love feels is like trying to describe the taste of water. It’s like trying to describe a blooming field of poppies to a blind man. Love is something universally cherished yet doled out so sparingly by most. This … Continue reading

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Best and Worst: Met Gala 2015

With every star studded red carpet, comes along the best and worst dressed list – and this years annual Met Gala was no fashion disappointment. This year’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit was celebrating the opening of the China: Through the … Continue reading

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Time Out

People wonder why teenagers get sick so often, and I think I have found the answer. We are constantly being run into the ground, overwhelmed with task after task. I will use myself as an example. I go to school, … Continue reading

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The Countdown to Summer

I’m ever so patiently waiting for long summer days, and even longer summer nights. I would always rather be at the beach, but that urge is actually attainable during my favorite three months of the year. The way the warm … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Grey Review

While certain critics may claim the series is “sugar-coated” domestic violence, that has not stopped crowds of people from overwhelming the box office this Valentine’s Day weekend. The film is based on the highly successful novel written by E.L. James. … Continue reading

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