Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be

Trivia Crack a game that’s taking over smartphones worldwide. Trivia Crack is an online trivia game very similar to the board game trivial pursuit.

There are six question categories: science, art, history, entertainment, sports, and geography. Win 3 questions in a match to earn a crown, and you must get six crowns to win a match.

You are afforded three lives and your lives are replenished one per hour. When the game opens, you spin a wheel to randomly select your topic.

The question is presented in multiple-choice fashion with a thirty-second time limit to answer it. If you answer the question wrong, the right answer is flashed on the screen momentarily.

This game is not only addicting but educational as well. Most students and teachers on campus are challenging each other with questions all through the day.

While I’m sure at some point this game will fade out like all other iPhone trends, but as of now, the widespread rush of trivia knowledge is ever so present.

Photo Credit to: http://www.whatishub.com


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