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ASITs, Attention! ASITs, Begin! Junior Missing, Junior Missing!

The buddy system – it’s a common thing among younger children, for safety, you know, for safety. With 240 acres of land and forest and potentially dangerous animals at every corner, campers must walk in groups of two or more … Continue reading

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Beyond Earth Part One

Intro: The year is 2044, the population is over 20 billion, but the world is at peace. All the worlds problems like hunger, disease, and pollution have been solved. It’s a perfect utopia. All the mysteries of the world have … Continue reading

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The Great Adventures of Tim Part 2

About four weeks had gone by since Tim had been trapped in the 2D world. He thinks he had been dreaming. Until he was walking to class and he suddenly  appeared in a semi trashed apartment with a man wearing … Continue reading

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No Chill

Although I knew California was hot, by choosing to go to school here I didn’t think I signed up for a 75 degree November. Already insanely hot during the summer months, I was looking forward to it cooling down leading … Continue reading

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Trudging Along

However enjoyable Ojai Valley School is, by the time a break rolls around, I am more than ready for some time off. The longest stretch is from the start of school to Thanksgiving break, and with that break in a week, I’ve almost … Continue reading

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ASITs, attention! ASITs, begin! Watch the children, watch the children!

During my first session as an ASIT, which was two weeks long, the Juniors from Tennessee fell in love with me. Or rather, with my tail. They were aged six to seven and were very, very tiny. I’m rather small … Continue reading

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What is a future, and where can I get one?

No but seriously – I’m very much lost when it comes to my future. Today, my mom asked me to come watch something in her room. Given the last thing she showed me was a video of a baby otter learning … Continue reading

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