Although trust is a common trait, it’s a highly valued one. Whether it’s trusting yourself to someone, or telling a secret to a friend, it’s important that the recipient honors the trust.

Betrayal is common – more so than should be socially acceptable. Rumors are always being spread, sometimes for attention, and sometimes for fun. If one doesn’t feel good about themself, they’ll spread rumors or tell lies to put someone down, and therefore feel better, or higher up.

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On the other hand, if someone is bored, they might feel inclined to start spreading rumors, or just gossip, simply for the sake of entertainment. Others might feed off of drama, and continue to spread rumors, and as a result, fake, hurtful information is being spread around.

None of this is beneficial, and dishonesty only ends poorly. If information is trusted in one’s hands, the secret should be kept, and neither rumors or lies should be started or spread.

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