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A Montage

I suppose this is the end. My last blog. The last post I write, and the last one I publish. The last piece of writing I do for Ojai Valley School – the place that has taught me how to … Continue reading

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I walk across the beach, the warm sand sifting beneath my feet. The soles of my feet burn as each sun-tinted grain touches my skin. I curl up my feet, feeling the sand between each of my toes. I take … Continue reading

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Who Decides?

How do babies choose their families? Is it a game of chance – the roll of a dice, or a pick from a hat? Or is it the stork, who flies down and delivers each baby bundle to warm, expecting … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago, I arrived in Berlin, Germany, the city of hole-in-the-wall cafes and miscellaneous shops, historical monuments and tourist attractions. The city where graffiti paints the streets, which are lined with well-dressed twenty-somethings smoking cigarette after cigarette. The city … Continue reading

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This is the end

Today is Thursday, May 26th, 2016. Today is the last academic day of school. Today is the last day of my junior year. Tomorrow is the first final. One week later is graduation. Three months later, the next school year … Continue reading

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End of the year fun

I hate to be one of those people complaining about the hardship that is junior year, or all the work piling up as finals approach and the year comes to an end. Yet here I am. I am beyond stressed out, to put … Continue reading

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We need nap time!

When I was in kindergarten, we had nap time every day. We would come back inside after recess each day, and without fail there would be mats laid out all over the classroom floor. We would each have to pick a mat, and once we … Continue reading

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