Opossum Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Here I am, writing about opossums again. You’re going to read it and like it.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my Instagram story is literally just a million opossum posts that I’ve reposted from accounts I follow. Due to some questioning from friends, I will be recommending opossum accounts to follow. They range from meme accounts to rescue accounts, and they aren’t ranked in any order. Enjoy.


Hank is an opossum who lives in captivity. I’m not sure if he’s disabled or can’t live in the wild for some other reason, but he’s very cute.

Photo credit: hanktheopossum on Instagram


Seymour is a disabled opossum who’s very loved by his family. He recently got the cutest baby brother ever named Mooney.

Photo credit: seymourtheopossum on Instagram


Hubert is another opossum who lives with humans. She’s adorable.

Photo credit: hubertthepossum on Instagram


This account posts (mostly wholesome) opossum memes. I like them.

Meme credit: possum.sauce on Instagram


This account draws very cute cartoon opossums and draws opossum memes. Their merch is super cute.

Drawing credit: possum.mood on Instagram


This account belongs to a person who owns and raises many opossums! Astrid likes to wear stylish outfits, and the new babies’ Cabbage and Sauerkraut are so sweet. They have an Amazon wishlist linked in their bio, so definitely go get them something to help with raising the babies if you have money to spare!

Photo credit: avec.possum on Instagram


I’ve used this account’s opossum pictures in several of my other posts. They have the cutest opossums and merch. Definitely go check them out.

Photo credit: itsmesesame on Instagram


This account makes really funny opossums memes. A lot of them are remakes of other memes, but with opossums. I really like this genre of opossum memes.

Photo credit: littlemoonsgrove on Instagram

Meme credit: beelovespossums on Instagram


This account is one of my favorites. They just got in a litter of joeys (baby opossums), and they’re just the fluffiest, most delightful little things. They also have merch and an Amazon wishlist, and getting stuff from or for them would definitely help them out with all their joeys.

Photo credit: littlemoonsgrove on Instagram

Those are some opossum accounts you definitely have to check out! I love all of them and see their posts every day on my feed, not to mention that I post almost every opossum post I see on my story. Go check out my other opossum blog posts for some information about opossums that’ll get you hooked on them for sure!

More poetry

I get money

I like my Bunches of Oats with Honey

My eggs need ’em runny

The weather, it’s sunny

I drink Dasani and got one knee

Easter time, bunny

I am funny

I like candy, yummy

Dead people, mummy

All y’all my sonny

pc: readthinkwrite

My lifting split

Here’s my current work out split:

Monday – Legs(Quad focus)
Back squat – 4 x 6-8
Leg press – 4 x 15-20
Gobler squat – 4 x 10-12
Walking lunges – 4 x 8-10
Leg extensions – 4 x 12-15
Calf raises – 4 x ♾

Tuesday – Shoulders, Back, Biceps
DB shoulder press – 4 x 8-12
Y-raises – 4 x 8-10
Rear delt push downs – 4 x 10-12
T-bar rows – 4 x 6-8
Kneeling lat rows – 4 x 8-10
Single arm lat pull downs – 4 x 8-10
Spider curls – 4 x 10-12
Seated curls – 4 x 10-12
Curl machine – 4 x 5 (heavy)

Wednesday – Chest, Triceps
DB bench press – 4 x 8-12
Incline press machine – 4 x 6-8 (heavy)
Seated chest flys – 4 x 10-12
PecDec – 4 x 8-10 (banded)
Weighted push ups – 4 x 8-10
Single arm push downs – 4 x 10-12 (each arm)
Long rope push downs – 4 x 8-12
Weighted dips – 4 x 6-8 (heavy)

Thursday – Legs (Hamstring focus)
BB RDLs – 4 x 8-10
DB RDLs – 4 x 6-8 (heavy)
High leg press – 4 x 10-12
Laying leg curls – 4 x 10-12
Seated leg curls – 4 x 12-15
Calf raises – 4 x ♾

Friday – Chest & Back
DB bench press – 4 x 8-10
DB incline bench press – 4 x 8-10
Low to high flys – 4 x 10-12
Seated rows – 4 x 10-12
DB lat rows – 4 x 8-10
Face pulls – 4 x 10-12
Banded pull ups – 4 x ♾

Saturday – SARMs (Shoulders & Arms)
Shoulder DB press – 4 x 6-10
Y- raises – 4 x 10-12
Shoulder press machine – 4 x 6-8 (heavy)
Spider curls – 4 x 10-12
Seated curls – 4 x 10-12
Ez bar curls – 4 x 8-10
Single arm push downs – 4 x 10-12 (each arm)
Long rope push downs – 4 x 10-12
Sing arm machine extensions – 4 x 8-10

Sunday – Active rest day
Bike – 30 minutes

pc: time.com

I Really Like Sunflowers

Sunflowers are great. They’re pretty, when you plant one you suddenly have 20 popping up in your yard, the seeds are edible, they’re easy to maintain, they’re not toxic to most animals, they symbolize loyalty, and every song with “sunflower” in the title is a bop. I really like them. Sunflowers are my special thing with my best friend, too. If I could just have one plant in my yard, I would choose sunflowers. I don’t really like yellow things, but I love sunflowers. I really want one of those teddy bears that have sunflower print on them. I’d name her Susan after Susan Storm. If anybody wants to get Susan for me, I’d be very grateful.


I Saw An Opossum The Other Day

There I was, a passenger in my mom’s car at night, on my way to my grandparents’ house, when I saw him.

I noticed a shape out of the corner of my eye, but I hardly thought anything of it. I’m a naturally curious person, though, so I turned my head to look at it from a better angle after a moment.

At first I thought it was a cat. However, if it were a cat, it’d be a very short one, and it had toes that were unlike any cat I’d ever seen. My next thought was that it might be a huge rat.

And then it hit me.

I quickly exclaimed to my mom, “We have to turn around! I think I just saw a possum!”

My mom whipped a three-point-turn in the middle of the road and stopped just in front of the driveway of the stranger’s house. In the illumination of the KIA’s headlights, I saw him.

It was an opossum.

Over my mom’s warnings of, “Don’t you dare get out of the car and chase him!” I whipped out my phone and started taking pictures of the beautiful little guy. A second later, he heard our engine (for opossums have bad eyesight and the lights didn’t bother him) and scurried away. And he was fast!

See, most opossums are pretty slow. They meander at their own pace through yards and forests, and when confronted, they aren’t fast enough to run away from predators like mountain lions or bears, so they have a freeze reaction and play dead.

But this little guy went running like he had been training for this moment his whole life. In the blink of an eye, his short little legs went flying and he sprinted up the driveway at the fastest trot I’ve ever seen and proceeded to climb the outdoor stairs into the person’s yard.

He was out of sight – but certainly not out of mind – in just seconds. And then my mom, my grandparents, and later my aunt had to listen to my happy cries of, “A possum!! Oh, a possum!!” for the rest of the night.

I named him Bruce Banner.

Photo Credit: me (treefroggy)

Sorry for the wonky quality– the best quality picture I got showed too much of the street around the house for me to comfortably post it. Privacy, and all that. You can still see Bruce’s beauty and his speedy legs.

So I’ve Been Reading Books Lately

(Spoiler warning for Song of Achilles)

So I’ve been reading books for fun for the first time in about 4 years now, and I just finished Song of Achilles.

One word: devastating.

That’s not to say it’s bad- in fact, it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. However, it was horribly sad, which is expected with Greek myths and renditions of them, since everybody dies in most myths.

A quick synopsis of the book would be “two boys fall in love then go to war and die,” but there’s so much more to the story than that. It’s exciting, sweet, sad, and heartbreaking. There’s a ton of angst in it, especially during wartime, which is honestly my favorite part. It does end with a bittersweet happy ending, though, so it’s not just emotional torment to read.

If you read the Percy Jackson books, you’ll probably love this book. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes Greek mythology, gay love, and angst. It’s got a ton of all three.


I Want a Pet Opossum So Much

It’s no secret that I love opossums. I would do anything to have one as a pet. If I could wake up and be holding an opossum’s little toes, I would never have any problems for the rest of my life. I seriously am obsessed with those little guys. Every day I dream about coming home to an opossum and kissing its little forehead and petting its soft fur. I fantasize about finding an opossum on the side of the road and getting to hold it on my lap while I drive it to the vet. I just want to love on an opossum.

If I had an opossum, I would spoil it so much. I would give it little hats and feed it all the food it wanted. Any opossum that lived with me would live the best life ever. I would give my opossums cuddles every day and take them on walks so they stay healthy. Seriously, just give me a chance to have one of those little guys. I would take amazing care of them. I think I deserve a pet opossum.

Instagram's Latest Pet Trend Is Giant Tree Rats with Spiky Teeth

Why Opossums Are Awesome

I really, really love opossums. They’re smart, unique, friendly, and adorable. Here’s some cool facts about them.

They are the only marsupial that isn’t native to Australia.

Opossums are marsupials, which means they’re a subspecies of mammal that carry their embryo out to term in a pouch on their belly. The most commonly known marsupial is probably the kangaroo. Opossums aren’t much like kangaroos, but they also carry their joeys – a litter of which can contain up to 20 babies – in a pouch and then on their back until the joeys are ready to live by themselves.

There are several species of opossums, all of which are native to the Americas. They range all the way from South America to Canada.

The Opossum: Our Marvelous Marsupial, The Social Loner - Wildlife Rescue  League

They have opposable thumbs.

Much like apes, humans, raccoons, and some other species of animals, opossums have opposable thumbs. This means they have a fifth finger on the side of their paw that allows them to grasp objects and handle them in a way most that other animals can’t. Opossums usually don’t use this advantage for evil, though. Raccoons, on the other hand (pun not intended), will use their opposable thumbs to get into storage bins, to open trash cans, to unscrew lids of containers, to open doors, and other nefarious things. Opossums are much kinder than raccoons. Plus, it’s unbelievable cute when they hold things in their tiny hands.

Opossum holding bag of Marshmallows: aww

They have prehensile tails.

Prehensile tails are a trademark feature of monkeys, but opossums have them too. They use their tails to hold onto thin surfaces better, to climb, to hang from branches, and to balance them as they walk. Their tails look a lot like the tails of rats, but there are muscles in their tails that allow them to use them much better than rats can. I, personally, think that their crusty, scaly tails are super cute.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Opossums - WorldAtlas

They are omnivores, but don’t hunt mammals (except for mice).

Opossums are omnivores, which means they eat meat and plants. However, unlike most meat-eating animals, they don’t hunt almost any live mammals as their prey. Opossums usually scavenge food from unlocked dumpsters, left out pet food, or road kill. The only live prey that they consume are worms, bugs, mice, and sometimes smaller birds or snakes. If they are really starving, they might go after a larger target like a chicken, but this is very uncommon.

Opossum Eating Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime
How To Co-Exist With Opossums - Forest Preserve District of Will County

They “play dead.”

“Playing possum” is a popular expression for pretending to be dead or asleep. Opossums have an flight instinct that causes them to fall to the ground, loll their tongue, un-focus their eyes, and pretend to have died when confronted by predators that they can’t easily escape. They won’t get up even if they’re jostled around. It’s pretty cute. To humans, it just looks like the opossum is having the best nap of its life.

They like to play dress-up.

This fact isn’t scientifically verified, but look at these guys! They sure do look like they’re having fun. They look adorable, too. So stylish.

(Photo credit to @seymourtheopossum on Instagram)
(Photo credit to @thepossumgal on TikTok)
(Photo credit to @itsmesesame on Instagram)
18 Cute Possums Who Nailed The Art of Adorable (Photos)

They make funny faces.

Sometimes opossums look like they just tripped and fell in front of the popular kids and the popular kids all saw their Paw Patrol lunchbox fall out of their backpack. It’s like my favorite thing. Look at this little guy.

(Photo credit to @gladysopossum on Instagram)

All in all, opossums are pretty cool little animals. If you see one near your house, don’t bother it or hurt it. They’re non-threatening creatures and it’s just living its life. If you can legally rehabilitate opossums or care for disabled ones as pets, definitely do. They’re sweet little guys. I love them so much.

Starry Surprise! Pouched Opossum Plush with Babies & Limited Edition Sweater

My Top 5 Glass Animals Songs

I’m going to a Glass Animals concert soon because they’re my favorite band, so here are my favorite Glass Animals songs. They’re a great band, and if you don’t know them you should definitely listen to them.

Content warning: talk of drugs, self-destructive behavior, mental illness, suicide, sex, pedophilia, and other mature themes

Also a disclaimer- my favorite album by them is How To Be A Human Being so most of these will be from that album. This album explores the stories of 11 characters (some based on real people) in the 11 songs on the track. The album cover shows every person who’s story is told. The album is seriously amazing, both sound-wise and because of the story behind it.

Number 5- Agnes from How To Be A Human Being

Agnes is such a beautiful and bittersweet song that I can’t help but put it in my top five. The song is about a woman named Agnes who is struggling to cope with addiction and mental health issues. It is told from the perspective of someone who is presumably very close with her. It’s a meaningful song for people who have watched a friend – or even themselves – be lost to their self-destructive tendencies. The song ends with the narrator implying that Agnes has committed suicide, which is fitting because it’s the last song on the album.

Lines from the song that hit especially hard are, “I want to hold you like you’re mine,” and, “You’re gone but you’re on my mind; I’m lost but I don’t know why.” The first line implies that the narrator might be in love with Agnes but never got the chance to act on his feelings because she killed herself. The second line makes the concept of suicide feel more real for people who have never had someone close to them commit suicide or attempt to. It also gives perspective for suicidal people that people care about them and they have so much to live for.

The narrator of Agnes is pictured in the center of the album cover on all three covers. He is either holding a camera up over his face, looking straight ahead, or holding his hands over his face. He faces forward in each album cover whereas every other character has their back turned on one version of the cover.

Number 4- Poplar St from How To Be A Human Being

Poplar St is told from the perspective of a boy who lived on the street the song is named after. He starts off talking about his childhood living on Poplar St and how he would climb trees and scrape his knees. He mentions that he saw a woman named Mrs. Moore having sex with one of his other neighbors. Since she uses the prefix “Mrs.” it’s likely that Mrs. Moore was having an affair.

In the next verse, the narrator says that his mom never liked Mrs. Moore and thought she looked like a prostitute because of the clothes and makeup she wore. It’s assumed that the narrator has aged and hit puberty because he then says that Mrs. Moore seduced him and brought him to her house to have sex with him. This reveals the true nature of Mrs. Moore that was hinted at in the first verse. She’s a predatory woman who uses men – or even teenage boys – for sex.

The first line of the chorus makes sense now- “I feel like a new man.” The narrator is only a teenager, but he feels like a mature because he has a relationship with an adult woman. He is driven by hormones and doesn’t realize that what he is doing is completely wrong.

In the last verse, he says, “Just another boy who lived on Poplar St; tangled up in lust and her exotic needs.” He isn’t the only teenager who was a victim of Mrs. Moore’s pedophillic actions. He then says that Mrs. Moore called collect (which is charging the calling fee to the person who you call, so he had to pay the fee) and broke up with him over the phone.

Mrs. Moore is on the right side of every album cover. She wears a white dress and sometimes sunglasses.

Number 3- Heat Waves from Dreamland

Heat Waves has been Glass Animals’ top hit since it came out, and for good reason. It’s a great song that has addictive sounds and meaningful lyrics. It’s stated by the band on the storyline feature of Spotify that the song is about noticing that you’ve changed from who you used to be and that an important relationship in your life has been ruined by who you’ve become. This hits home for me because I’ve definitely had points where I realize that I’m a different person and that I can’t go back to what used to be. I’ve also seen it happen to my close friends where they drift away because they’ve become someone who isn’t compatible with me.

The line “Sometimes all I think about is you” makes me think about myself before my ADHD started to really impact my life. Everything got harder around the time I hit puberty because of the new mix of hormones interacting with my ADHD. Sometimes I think about where I would be if I didn’t have ADHD, but then I realize that I am who I am because of my ADHD. My favorite things come from my hyperfixations, my personality from my symptoms, and my mannerisms from mimicking the people around me. It’s a lot to deal with sometimes, and I feel like this song encapsulates my own struggle even if it’s not specifically about my situation.

Number 2- The Other Side Of Paradise from How To Be A Human Being

This song is my favorite solely because of the music behind the lyrics. It’s mentally stimulating to listen to, especially with the volume all the way up and the bass boosted. It’s catchy, fun, and kinda gives me an adrenaline rush if I’m being honest. The story behind it is cool too, but honestly the instrumental is my favorite part of it.

The Other Side Of Paradise was their top hit before Heat Waves came out. It was definitely my favorite song by them at one point. I love to listen to it when I’m writing fighting scenes because I think of choreography while listening to the song and then translate it into words.

The story of the song is about a man who leaves his girlfriend to become a professional basketball player and ends up becoming a totally different person than the person she had been dating. The girlfriend is the narrator. The character of the basketball player is pictured in the center behind everyone else. He is either spinning a basketball on his finger or holding the basketball in every cover.

Number 1- Season 2 Episode 3 from How To Be A Human Being

This was actually the song that got me into the band. I heard it on TikTok and immediately searched the lyrics to figure out what song it was. I listened to it alone for a few months, then decided to check out the other songs in the album. The rest is history.

This is another song that I love because of the music. Glass Animals has great percussion in all of their songs, but this one definitely is the best. The vocals are super good too, though.

The story is about a girl who’s has a marijuana addiction. It’s told by someone who is presumably her partner. They talk about how she can’t seem to get off the couch, is always high, and isn’t prioritizing their relationship anymore. They say, “So it hurts to say it’s hopeless; and we ain’t gonna make it.” Her partner is planning on leaving her because of her dependency on marijuana to get through the day and inability to live without it. It’s a message about the ways drugs can change people for the worse, like a few other songs on the album.

The girl being described in the song is in the bottom left corner of the album cover. She wears a blue sweater and has a small gaming device in every cover, which is a reference to the style of the music video.

Those are my favorite Glass Animals songs. It was hard to choose rankings for them. I’m really excited to see them live.

Update from after I saw the concert: it was SO GOOD. They’re amazing in person and so passionate about what they do. I love Dave so much.

How many variations of the How to Be a Human Being album cover are there?:  glassanimals
How many variations of the How to Be a Human Being album cover are there?:  glassanimals
How many variations of the How to Be a Human Being album cover are there?:  glassanimals
Glass Animals - How to Be a Human Being Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius
Dreamland (Glass Animals album) - Wikipedia