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Fighting the Fear

My school has a equestrian program, which I wanted to take advantage of. One year ago, I tried it out for a season. Since my roommate at the time was a rider, I was very excited to learn this sport. It started … Continue reading

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My next life…

What a life pets have. Especially the pet who lives on campus: Jack the cat. Jack is loved by students, gets full attention and is very spoiled. He gets food and treats from the teacher, Ms. M., everyday. Ms. M. even … Continue reading

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The Magic of Cats

Have you ever pet a cat? Like- really pet a cat? I mean, yeah, sure, you’ve pet a dog. But dogs are easy. Dogs, for the most part, will waltz up to strangers, tails wagging, eyes bright, and ready to … Continue reading

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Have Humans Become Gods?

Have humans become gods? Over the course of 200,000 years, Homo Sapiens have managed to disintegrate every other Sapien including Neanderthals who lived on the Earth 20 million years, but does anyone weep for the Neanderthal? New technologies and discoveries … Continue reading

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Springtime Magic

Spring is full of magic. Sure it brings the obvious, like flowers and butterflies; and then there’s the cliché that “romance is in the air.” But on closer inspection, spring is more than what meets the eye. Springtime means new flowers, … Continue reading

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Free The Pegasus

Photo Credit to People have been telling me that the lines in the sky left behind airplanes, called contrails, are actually chemicals being sprayed by the government. Those people are stupid (with the exception of my lovely editor). The … Continue reading

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New Ideas For Halloween

Every Halloween there seems to be a myriad of Wednesday Addams, Wes Anderson characters and cats. This year, why not try something different Instead of being Wednesday Addams try Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. Her costume is fairly easy.  You just … Continue reading

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