obsolete tv shows

Besides Spongebob, I grew up on practically extinct shows my fossil of a Dad made me watch instead of like Disney Channel or something.

My favorite one was MacGyver, (NOT the new one with Lucas Till) which is an action series about a guy who can ‘improvise’ his way out of any situation. Instead of combating danger with weapons like you’d expect, he uses his ability to make gadgets to save himself. To this day I still think the premise is really unique and overall it’s a creative show.

Another much more popular show I watched was the A-team. Again, not the newer movies but the 80’s tv series. It’s also an action about a group of ex-military guys who help people in need and try to clear their name from a crime they didn’t even commit. I remember loving one of the members of the group, Murdoc, who was just this really crazy, goofy guy.

Then there are all the detective shows: Columbo, Magnum PI, Monk, Psych -even Perry Mason- you name it, I’ve seen it. My Dad and I are detective show connoisseurs. He tried to get me to watch cop shows, but they were never my thing (Adam-12, CHiPS).

There was a lot of Sci-fi too, I think Star Trek was my first of these old shows (or Rocky and Bullwinkle). I’ve seen both the Kirk and Picard series, but the former is more memorable/nostalgic for me. There was also Time Tunnel, Twilight Zone, My Favorite Martian, The Munsters, etc.

There is more, this is just the tip of my ancient-shows iceberg. There are some really obscure shows I’ve seen. I bet I’m the only person under 50 who knows what the Petticoat Junction even is. Or the Beverly Hillbillies.

Anyway, I’m actually happy my Dad introduced me to these shows from a young age. They really were charming and shaped much of my early childhood.

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Writer’s block

I am experiencing major writer’s block. This entire week I open my computer once or twice a day and try to think of something to write about. My mind feels completely and utterly blank. Then I realized that my mind has been blank for the entire week. I know this just makes me seem stupid. Hell, it makes me feel stupid. Sometimes I have the mindset that I can’t write something unless it’s “interesting” but then I go on to wonder what interesting really implies. Is it interesting to just be depressed, angry, or fill your life with gossip? It often starts to seem that way. I won’t pretend to be an angel as if I don’t get involved, I just hate when that starts to be the things I find interesting. The more I let myself get roped into all this shit the more I get sad. It’s all a cycle, you get sad because you get roped in and you get roped in because you have nothing else to think about. Then I realized what even is writer’s block? The idea of free writing is the ability to write whatever is on your mind. So I guess that’s what I’m doing. What I’m trying to say is that, more often than not, the things that happen in my life would not be viewed as interesting. But maybe that makes it easier to write about.

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Tik Tok Roundup: Tweak Season

Tweak of the Week. Tweak Playoffs. Free the Commish. A mysterious New Yorker patrols the sidewalks, parks, elevators, and doorways of the city, a vigilante not too dissimilar from Batman. Except instead of protecting the people and stopping criminals, he is heckling normal individuals and acting as “commissioner” of New York City.

Here he is heckling a woman who is trying to spot Mayor Eric Adams (who the commish HATES) from the top of a car.

VC:Tweak Season

He asserts his masterful advice, stating that the woman shouldn’t care that much about the mayor, a belief close to the commish’s heart.

He also inserts his masterful skills in his many passions: here is an example of the Tweak Referee’s architecture masterclass.

VC: Tweak Season

He never fails to update the citizens of NYC of the happenings: relaying celebrity lookalike sightings.

VC: Tweak Season

Shockingly, there are also social justice causes close to the commish’s heart: when he sees an injustice, he doesn’t hold back his feelings about it.

VC: Tweak Season

Overall, The Commish’s lack of care for what others think about him and undying desire to share the stories of the city, and his opinions, make his content must watch. #FREETHECOMMISH

Here are some other great ones for your enjoyment.

Here he just heckles a family gathering.

VC: Tweak Season

Here he just closes someones car door for them without asking.

VC: Tweak Season

This is surely the best one, he recommends a free pile of garbage with good books, dropping the location for citizens to pick up the books.

VC: Tweak Season

Her Made me Feel Empty

On Wednesday, I had to go through the lovely experience of an almost 20-hour travel day to get back from Barcelona to LA. On the long flight from Frankfurt, I did something quite out of character. Instead of just taking Melatonin and crashing for the whole flight, I only crashed for half and decided to watch a movie to pass the rest of the time. The movie I decided to watch was a movie called Her which I had heard was one of the best-made movies in the 2010s.

Going into this movie I was pretty much expecting a two-hour-long Black Mirror episode with some pretty creepy undertones. Although I was only half right, I was not prepared for what I was about to experience. First of all, watching such a movie with the very heightened emotions that come with flying is not the best idea. Second of all, this movie is one of those Black Mirror-Esque experiences that could actually happen in my lifetime. Which is always an extremely off-putting experience. Before I get into how depressed this movie made me I just want to appraise this movie for how well made it is. Not only does it work with color imagery and contrast so well, but every character is so good and so well acted out it’s almost surreal. The way this movie deals with the depression of separating from a partner, the awkwardness of a new relationship, and even a human falling in love with a brand new Artificial Intelligence experience is genius. Every emotion conveyed in this movie is so real, it makes you want to close down your heart and never open yourself up to human emotion ever again.

Photo Credit: BBC

To someone who’s never watched this movie, it’s probably pretty weird to think that a movie about a man falling in love with a computer could provoke any real emotions, but it does. It really does. Honestly, this movie made me feel more empty than Your Lie in April, The Joker, and Dead Poets Society combined. I mean this movie made me feel like a hollow husk of a human being. It’s actually insane to me that the makers of this film even pulled it off. Her is one of those movies that was drastically ahead of its time. For being made in 2013, it could have easily made a similar if not bigger impact if it were released today.

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Unique Anime that I Recommend

Devil Man Crybaby

Devil Man Crybaby is an anime that is not only incredibly intriguing to look at but also explores values of anti-war, puberty, and LGBTQ values. The anime follows a boy, Akira Fudo, who once was small, scrawny, and empathetic, but soon has the power of satan bestowed upon him. The anime deals with his coming to power as well as him having to deal with others who have been given similar powers. The anime also explores nihilistic values and the absurdity of religion. I really enjoyed watching this anime, and it’s only 10 episodes so I think it should definitely be an anime added to your watchlist.


Photo Cred: IMDB


Boxing is filled with, speeding gloves whizzing past one face, enough power to concuss a person; Megalo boxing is the same, only with advanced machinery to make people hit harder and move faster. MEGALOBOX documents the underground life of Junk Dog, and the professional life of Joe, the same man. He’s truly an enigma, only being allowed to compete in the Megalo boxing championship when he forges an id. This anime has fast-paced action, as well as people getting the shit beaten out of them, and not to mention the animation, but it is absolutely fantastic (on the same level as Cowboy Bebop). It’s quite an invigorating anime to watch.




Kakegurui is an anime about a school of gambling, where people can even gamble off their human rights. It has many scenes of complex and entertaining games, and with the tension of betting lives, it combines to create an electrifying viewing experience. The show documents the gambling of multiple students, the most notable being Yumeko Jabami. Yumeko Jabami is a compulsive gambler to the most extreme degree, constantly and consistently making irresponsible and potentially detrimental bets. The anime is intellectual and entertaining, with the games persistently being complex.



Anime That I’ve Recently Watched

Other than rewatching and still going through Hunter x Hunter and One Piece, I have been pretty invigorated in anime. Although the subculture has not been filled with the best new anime this year, I am finding shows that I am loving. Some of these shows might not be for everybody but they are all unique and great in their own way.

Ranking of Kings

This anime from 2021 is special. It follows a decently simple design with its fable format. This anime is made to resonate with real-world emotions and difficulties that many may face such as depression and hopelessness. It opens up the world to disabilities and the difficulties of trying to work around them. The protagonist in this story Bojji is both deaf and mute, as well as is especially weak in a world sanctioned by power. Despite his setbacks in life he decides to work to become the best version of himself. This feel-good story is accompanied by a unique animation style that is enticing to the highest degree. The show has not ended yet but I am highly anticipating the finale.


Hajime No Ippo

This anime is a story of a rising superstar. A hard-hitting boxing talent is known as Ippo Makuonochi, and his journey to the Flyweight Title of Japan. This show is made for fans of boxing, bringing in-depth details of fighting, training, and experience in the fighting world. It’s a feel-good anime with an almost dangerously optimistic outlook on brain damage in the sport (until it’s explored at the end of the second season). I personally enjoyed this anime because of the evolutions the characters go through. The anime and the sport are both about harnessing talent and power to become something unintelligible. I would definitely recommend this anime to anybody that is a fan of boxing.


Space Dandy

Space Dandy, although not being a show that I’ve recently seen, it is something that I feel I must recommend. This show follows a classic blueprint similar to that of Cowboy Bebop, where a group of three eccentric characters travels through space collecting aliens from around the galaxy. This layout can feel overdone or boring to some, however, I don’t believe this to be an anime based on its plot, but rather on its animation. Every episode is created with a different director, writer, animation director, and storyboard director. This show about “A dandy guy in space” became grounds for many animators to build careers for themselves in the anime/manga world. This mysterious show about mysterious characters makes you ask questions with seemingly no answer other than weird space jibber-jabber, but every episode still finds its way to leave a viewer incredibly satisfied with the 20 minutes they spent watching an episode. The show is fantastic and I recommend it to anybody and everybody (I also recommend not skip the intro song as it is fire.


My Favorite Attack On Titan Characters So Far

I started watching Attack On Titan a few days ago and I really like it so far. I’m not super far in – I’m on episode 11 right now – but I thought it’d be cool to list my favorite characters so far and see how the list changes as I keep watching. I’m not gonna make a specific order because honestly a lot of them are tied for their rankings. There might be spoilers in here, but only for like the very beginning of the series.


Mikasa is probably my #1 right now. I really like her. She’s super powerful and hardcore, but she shows her emotions too. I like how she’s basically a big sister to Armin and Eren and loves them like they’re her family but she will also smack them if they’re being stupid. Eren especially just needs to be smacked sometimes, and Mikasa will do it without hesitation. She’s so cool.

The Voices of Mikasa Reflect on Attack on Titan, And What's In Store For  Her in Season Two | Geek and Sundry


I love Armin. He’s almost always scared and crying, but he’s also brave and really smart. I also love his relationships with Eren and Mikasa. They’re always encouraging him and telling him how important he is and he’s always managing to save them with his smart plans. Poor Armin is just a little insecure blond boy. He needs more confidence. I’m excited to see how he grows throughout the series.

Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan | CharacTour


Levi has only been on screen like two times so far but I like him. Mostly because he’s super powerful and really caring. Also, he’s hot. I don’t know, he hasn’t really been developed yet. I’ll probably have valid reasons to like him further into the show.

Attack on Titan Fans Are Begging the Finale to Let Levi Live


Jean is cool. I first started liking him when they were in the boot camp and he was pretty much the only person who wasn’t a jerk to Eren, Armin, and Mikasa. He’s had good character development so far, too. He’s definitely a leader, even if he denies it.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Trust - Den of Geek

Those are my favorite characters so far. Eren isn’t in there because I think he’s whiny and kind of annoying. I’ll make an update of my favorite characters after I finish the series so I can see what’s changed.

My Top 5 My Hero Academia Intros

Here’s a My Hero Academia-centered post because I love it. There might be some spoilers, so probably don’t read this if you don’t want the show to be spoiled for you.

Number 5- Make My Story by Lenny code fiction (Episodes 52-63)

While this intro isn’t super flashy, I really like it. The song is catchy, and the intro shows all of the characters who matter during the Provisional Training License arc. It foreshadows that Bakugo will find out about One for All and become closer to Midoriya in a way that doesn’t spoil anything plot-wise. Also, I’m a sucker for transitions that go from showing All Might to Midoriya, so I love the beginning when All Might’s hair turns to the top of the hood of Midoriya’s costume.

My Hero Academia x Warframe - Make my story: Warframe

Number 4- Singin’ in the Sky/空に歌えば by amazarashi (Episodes 27-38)

I love this song. It’s beautiful and meaningful while still being upbeat. The intro almost comes out of nowhere because of how abruptly the song starts and I love that. The only thing about it is that it’s actually a perfect intro song for the Shie Hassaikai arc. I mean, the English translation of the lyrics is literally, “Inevitable, inevitable. The future is determined, so rebel against it.” That’s literally a perfect description of Midoriya’s fight with Chisaki when he defies Sir Nighteye’s vision and changes the future.

However, besides the song choice, the intro is awesome. The intro goes from the Stain/Internship arc to the final exams arc, and it weaves in both arcs seamlessly. It shows all of class 1A showing off their quirks and looking super cool. I love the ending when they’re all looking up to the graffiti “Plus Ultra” and Midoriya has One For All activated in his arm. It’s showing that a big part of the episodes that the intro leads into is Midoriya finally learning to control his quirk without hurting himself, and everyone looking at their schools motto is symbolic of their aspirations to become the best of the best.

Boku no Hero Academia — lgbtenya: THIRD OP- Sora ni Utaeba // If I Sing...

Number 3- Peace Sign by Kenshi Yonezu (Episodes 14-26)

Peace Sign is my second-favorite song from My Hero Academia. I can’t even describe how good it is. If you listen to it, you’ll know what I mean. And I love seeing class 1A not in the middle of a life or death battle with villains, so the visuals in the intro are some of my favorites too. It’s exciting and makes you want to see what happens at the sports festival. Overall, it’s a perfect example of a good intro.

Stream My Hero Academia MHA OP 2: Peace Sign - Symphony Orchestra by  granddad_kyle | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Number 2- ODD FUTURE by UVERworld (Episodes 39-51)

As I said before, I really like the abrupt start of intro songs, so I love ODD FUTURE. The visual of Nana Shimura and All Might in the beginning is so nice but always makes me a little sad because All Might clearly looked up to her so much and she didn’t get to see how amazing he became. I love seeing Shigaraki with All for One reaching through the portal to put a hand on his head for the same reason. Whether they’re good or bad guys, the mentor-student dynamic always makes me unreasonably happy. The ending is probably why this is my number 2 intro. Midoriya stands up and reveals that he’s standing in front of All Might, then they both pose heroically. I love their father-son relationship.

Steam Workshop::My Hero Academia Season 3 / opening 4 「ODD FUTURE 」

Number 1- THE DAY by Porno Graffitti (Episodes 1-13)

I think everyone who’s watched every season of the show expected this. Do I even have to explain this one? THE DAY is indisputably the best intro in the series. The song is a bop, the visuals are super cool, and it introduces every student in class 1A. As I mentioned before, I love the transitions between All Might and Midoriya, so the punch at the end where Midoriya’s arm flickers back and forth between it being his arm and being All Might’s arm makes me so happy that I want to scream into a pillow. THE DAY is obviously the best song used in the series, and it’s probably one of my favorite songs of all time.

THE DAY (OPENING 1) - Boku no Hero (My Hero Academia) - LETRAS.COM

Squid Games > my homework

Last night I got home and figured I’d watch a single episode of Squid Games before I did my homework.

6 hours later, it was 12:22 and I had finished the series. I knew I had homework. Homework I wanted to do. I knew it would take an hour or two, but I just kept watching. I ended up going to sleep at 1:30, throwing to the wayside the two supplemental essays I had planned to draft.

This morning, I absolutely mashed snooze on my alarm. I woke up at 7:30, the time that I need to leave my house to make it to school. I showered and ended up leaving at 7:45 getting here decently late.

The show was so good. I think because of the language barrier, some of the cues that would have made the storyline more obvious didn’t hit me, or the millions of others watching the show right now. I asked a Korean friend about his take on it and he said it was super obvious the whole time, but all of the twists didn’t hit me.

The binge I got caught in was not so good. I wanted to stop watching but I just didn’t. I still got the truly necessary work done but as usual, my head was barely above the water that is missing homework and B’s.

This is something I want to gain more control over, but can’t seem to achieve. I think it might be because I tend to be able to do work very well at the last moment. I have operated this way my whole life with a lot of things, but with certain things, like projects and papers, I know I should be starting earlier.

Especially heading into college, I want to be able to get things done early. I say early, but this definition of early refers to what I would imagine is everyone else’s regular.

I am slowly getting better at managing my time, some days go fine, but oftentimes, say once a week, I push things to the side and get LAZY.

Do you do this?

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A Page of Four Years

February has brought about the time to create senior pages. I have spent time scrolling through my camera roll, searching for the perfect photos that can encapsulate four years of high school into a single 8″x10″ page.

I found photos of my friends. Photos of projects I had done in art class. Photos I had taken for AP World History projects. Sifting through hundreds of memories to find the most valuable moments has proven to be more difficult than I had thought. I have narrowed it down to about forty photographs, which, if I were to use them all, would be about a centimeter wide each.

While small on paper, many memories still remain as vivid as the day I experienced them. I remember carving pumpkins at my freshman Halloween dance. Is that memory less valuable than the time I hung my art in an exhibit? Do I feature friends, experiences, or accomplishments? What photograph will take up the most space?

As I sift through the photos, I imagine what words will be written on a page. I could write a classic senior quote, a thank you to those who helped me through school, or simply my name in a basic font.

I know my senior page will encapsulate my high school experience as I remember it. I just need to find what moment will serve as the biggest picture.

Image Credit: Josten’s Memory Book