Game of Thrones Fourth Horseman Theory

In the season 6 trailer Bran Stark is seen with what appears to be the White Walker leader. While I believe this is a dream I think the White Walker King is looking for Bran. But why would the White Walker King want to find Bran you might ask. It’s simple Near the end of season 5 during the White Walkers siege on the Wildling camp there was 4 horseman ominously watching the battle from the cliffs overlooking the camp. At some point, one of these horsemen joined the battle and was killed by Jon Snow. Because he died they are probably looking for someone to take his place. I think The White Walker King wants Bran to take his place making Bran one of the four horsemen. Brans ability to warg may transfer when he turns into a white walker giving him the ability to control the living and the dead. It only makes sense that the white walkers find a new horseman because George RR Martin is clearly alluding to the four horsemen of the apocalypse and three just doesn’t cut it.

The Hunter

the hounds have a strong scent.


my father sent me on this hunt.

it is not my first

it is not my last

i can’t let him down.

i must prevail.

the family name is at stake

and all though i don’t share it i dream of it.


i am his only son.

i am looked upon with shame.

but i do what he does and i do it well.

i take pride in my hunting,

it fills me with joy.


i am a stain,

not alone.


i want it,

i want it more than any snow.

i want to be among the butchers and hunters who carried his name

i want to be his real son.


the dogs,

faster than man, caught my prey.

they tear him apart.

the man begs for mercy

begs for death

but it isn’t up to me.


i take him to father,

to the house.


i take him to my lord,

to the dreadfort.


i hope father is pleased.

i serve him better than his advisors!

i serve him better than his soldiers!

i am his son.


the prisoner will be flayed!

he will be tortured!

he will be broken and skinned!

this is our houses way.


i hope when i arrive father will let me do the honors.

i hope he lets me torture this scoundrel.

i hope he lets me serve him.

i have never failed him and never will.


i arrive at the gates trophy in hand

but nothing has changed i am still ramsay snow.

i remain among the many snows,

one of millions unwanted and unclaimed children of the north.

i pray not for long.



i hope to be beside my father and wear his name.

someday carry our banner, not his.

someday i wish to share the name,


Mildly Intresting

Do you ever feel like you want to read about interesting things but you aren’t sure if you can handle the standard amount of interesting? If so, the subreddit “Mildly Interesting” is for you! This subreddit is is the perfect place for people who want something a little more than the subreddit “Not Interesting” and a little less than the subreddit “Interesting“. You can expect things like potatoes in the middle of the woods, a carrot pile found by a dog and his owner in the middle of the woods, a pile of (alive) dogs found by a carrot and its owner, and coupons that don’t expire for 90 years! My all-time favorite is a submission is pictures of George Orwell’s 1984 book cover, which becomes less censored with wear revealing the title. When I first saw that I thought, WOW, how mildly interesting. If you thought this post was mildly interesting, you’re in for a treat when you go to this subreddit.

10 Illuminati Lane

JJ. Abrams is a genius. I saw all of his films, but I didn’t appreciate until now. His films Super 8, Cloverfield, and 10 Cloverfield Lane have a lot more to them than meets the eye. After watching Dan Trachtenberg’s Reddit AMA Video, I realized how much of the big picture I was missing. Dan Trachtenberg directed 10 Cloverfield Lane, and when I didn’t understand some of the questions and answers I did some digging. I had seen Cloverfield, which took place in 2008, and it didn’t really have an effect on 10 Cloverfield Lane. It turns out that Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane take place in separate timelines, making them part of an anthology series. But the strange thing is that the movies have very similar backstories. Tons of movie “easter eggs” are in movies, and if researched in real life, lead to really interesting backstories. In Cloverfield, the main character is moving to Japan to work for a company called Slusho, a slushie company. The reason why this is special is because Slusho is made from a really rare sea nectar that can only be found in certain parts of the sea. But to make things more interesting, Slusho is owned by a company called Tagruato, a Japanese mining company, with a backstory leading back all the way to 1985, which shows how immense this movie’s history is. Tagruato also has other subsidiaries, such as Yoshida Medical Research which deals with deep sea genetic research, ParafFUN wax distribution, and Bold Futura, a contractor company that deals with advanced technology including space exploration. After the Cloverfield attack on New York, Tagruato was the clean-up crew; maybe they are the good guys or maybe not. An environmental company thinks otherwise. Before the attack on New York, a drilling station owned by Tagruato was destroyed. Oddly, the oil platform was located in a part of the Atlantic with no oil. And even stranger it is where they have their satellite orbiting. Tagruato knew something prior to the attacks on New York. On the separate timeline of 10 Cloverfield Lane one of the main characters, Howard, worked on Satellites… Owned by guess who? Tagruato. Howard found something that put him in a panic, so he made a bunker years before 10 Cloverfield Lane took place. He like Tagruato knew something no one else did, and when doomsday came he was ready. The secrets of Tagruato remain unknown but Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane aren’t JJ.’s only movies where Tagruato has been in the background of monster attacks. Oddly enough, the movie Super 8 shows Slusho ads in a gas station window that appears in 10 Cloverfield Lane. Tagruato presence makes Super 8 the unofficial prequel to the Cloverfield anthology. For those who saw these movies and missed this entire part, don’t feel bad because none of this was in the movie itself. Both movies only focused on the events during the attack. These companies aren’t even mentioned by the characters. This is why I love JJ. Abrams so much, because the movie doesn’t end after the credits.

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 1-5 spoilers ahead

It is that time of the year again: Less than 50 days until Season 6 of Game of Thrones. It is time to start from the beginning of the show, watching one episode every night till the new season is released. I don’t binge watch alone; I get together with friends at least once a week and we watch the episodes together. With so many episodes it is hard to remember what happened in an episode 3 years ago, so I came up with a solution to eliminate gaps between the old and new episodes. A part of this tradition is to make predictions of what will happen and whoever is closest wins and gets the prize of hearing the others say “good job”.
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Season Six is looking like it will be the best season yet; after the death of Stannis Baratheon and Jon Snow, it’s hard to tell what path the show will take. The entire series I have been a big believer in the Melisandre, Stannis’ advisor. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, she is a priestess who serves R’hllor, the Lord of Light. Westeros is full of many religions, but only the prayers to R’hllor are answered. Although the religion is borderline satanic and possibly witchcraft, it is extremely powerful. A fire priestess like Melisandre can see the future which is really important when commanding armies. She has never been wrong with the exception of Stannis dying in battle. But I believe she knew that he would die. Melisandre has been trying to get Jon Snow to join them, but Jon refused because he has sworn an oath forcing him to serve the night’s watch.
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Men who swear the oath serve in defending the border wall till death. They are responsible for defending against Wildlings which resemble barbarians, and White Walkers, which are undead creatures that can only be killed with dragon glass, an extremely rare material. Because the white walkers are a new threat and no one believes the night’s watch reports of them, they are forced to ally the Wildlings under Jon’s orders. His men were so mad that Jon was killed in a mutiny in a dramatic Julius Caesar killing. His death is the best thing to happen to Melisandre. A fire priests in one episode showed that he could bring back the dead, but only those who R’hllor thinks is worthy. Melisandre knows that Jon is worthy and may bring him back to life. This is huge because Jon will no longer be sworn to the night’s watch; he is the rightful King of the north and the entire north will have his back in a war. On top of that he would have control of the remains of the Baratheon army, and because of his sister Sansa he will most likely get support in secret from Little Finger who basically controls everyone through blackmail. If that isn’t enough, he could probably get support from Dorne, a nation that isn’t a part of Westeros and Dorne really hates the current leaders of Westeros the Lannisters. If Jon Snow comes back to life, it would be game over for the Lannisters, and as much as I love to hate them, I can’t wait till they are gone.




It takes a lot to get me emotionally devastated by books, movies, tv shows, and video games. The new game, Firewatch, broke my heart and made me shed a tear just 10 minutes in. The player plays through the eyes of Henry, a man with a lot of problems. The first 20 minutes is mainly text with very little interaction. In this prologue, you go to a bar where you quickly meet the love of your life, if there is such a thing. The dialogue goes through several life events leading up to the point where your wife is diagnosed with early onset dementia. She is 41. Life goes on and she gets worse. The player has to decide between taking full care of her or sending her to a home. Unbeknown at the time, whatever the player chooses, her parents will come and take her to their home with them. A week before he was supposed to go visit her, he sees a job in the paper. He takes the job of being a fire lookout, starting the game. The player never sees or meets the wife, Jules, and only knows her through the information given in the prologue. There is still a strong connection with Jules, established from the start. Immediately after the soul crushing prologue, Henry arrives at Two Forks Lookout, his new home for the summer. After entering the tower, Henry is welcomed by Delilah’s lovely voice. She is his boss, working in the next closest tower. Delilah introduces herself while intoxicated. Henry is in constant contact with her throughout the game. Delilah is a character that is never met, but a big relationship is built between the two. They are both escaping reality by coming out here. Throughout the whole game, there is some strange stuff going on. For a while, they try to ignore it but it gets worse and worse; someone is recording all of the conversations the two share. If Henry doesn’t get to the bottom of this Delilah won’t just be out of a job, but may have to go to prison. The complex dialogue allows the player to connect to Delilah as much as they want, creating a unique atmosphere that the player is involved in. This was the best story game and the best plot I have seen. I had high expectations for this game and they were all met.


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People have been telling me that the lines in the sky left behind airplanes, called contrails, are actually chemicals being sprayed by the government. Those people are stupid (with the exception of my lovely editor). The government wants us to think that they are spraying chemicals through contrails, which they have now named chemtrails. The truth is a lot scarier than that. Planes do not fly because of physics or other sciences; Think about it: A metal tube can’t possible be held up by two metal pieces that are not even half the mass of the tube itself. The only reason why they can fly is because planes are powered by Pegasus’ ashes.

The ashes of the Pegasus are magical, giving anything the power to fly. The trails left behind are not chemicals, but the ashes of a Pegasus. Most people don’t know this, but up until the late 1890s, Pegasus freely soared through the skies until two brothers learned that their ashes were magical. Because killing a Pegasus was frowned upon, they pretended it was science that made their plane fly. As time went on, more and more planes were made and by the end of World War I, Pegasus no longer roamed the skies.

The world was ashamed of what they had done, so they covered it up, pretending like a Pegasus was nothing more than a myth. But just because they didn’t roam the skies didn’t mean they went extinct. In fact, millions of Pegasus are being held and bred in captivity. The US has the biggest supply of Pegasus in the world, and they alone kill over 1,000,000 of them a year. They keep it such a hidden secret by pitching other conspiracies to the public, like area 51 is an alien experimentation facility. Which sounds pretty convincing to most, but I know the truth. Area 51 is where all of the Pegasus are bred and slaughtered, but it is not where they are burned. Burning the Pegasus causes tons of pollution, so to get the precious ashes,  the caucuses are shipped to China where there are hardly any environmental regulations. People need to wake up and realize what is going on around us. The government is exploiting a creature for what they is believe is the greater good. It should not be tolerated. #FreeThePegasus2K16

Fallout 4

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Nerds from all over the world have been prepping, stockpiling food and water. Parents are spending their final meals with their kids, girlfriends, and wives are spending their final moments with their significant other.

It’s just a few more days until bedroom doors seal shut and it will be months before they resurface. The long-awaited sequel to Bethesda’s award-winning Fallout series will come out November 10th.

The release will be crippling social lives everywhere. Gamers will enter their bedrooms, seal their door shut, and play. Fallout 4 was announced less than one year ago; it was a great surprise when it was announced to come out so soon.

Fallout 4 will take place in Boston, 200 years after a nuclear war turned the world into a wasteland. The player will create a custom character who they play for the entire game. The character emerges from Vault 111, a fallout shelter made by Vault Tec during the war, as the sole survivor.

Bethesda decided to let the player figure out what happened after release rather than spoil major parts of the plot. After leaving the vault, the player now has to decide what to do. The game is entirely open world, meaning the game is not forcing players to follow a certain path.

The player can go build a home or even a town. They can join guilds like the Commonwealth Minutemen, pursue the main story, make power armor to defend against the mutant and savages in the wasteland, and upgrade their arsenal. The options are endless and that’s what makes Bethesda and their games so unique.

The game uses a perk system called S.P.E.C.I.A.L. which represents the character traits strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck. With high charisma, the player can literally talk their way out of anything; it also helps when leading a town. Endurance is essential for the true wastelanders, as it makes the player capable of taking a lot of damage.

It can get to the point where bullets don’t even hurt. The biggest use of endurance is radiation tolerance, eating irradiated food results in high medical bills or death. With an iron stomach, there is no need for doctors because the irradiated food doesn’t make the player sick.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is so unique because the player has to decide where to put their 21 points at the beginning and this determines the abilities the players can unlock throughout the entire game. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. is similar to real life in the sense that if someone is low in intelligence and high in other areas, like strength and agility.

The dialogue option will be very basic and it will take longer conversations to learn something. Low intelligence can result in stupid dialogue options; sometimes the only option will be to ask “what”. The perk system plays out in the game world which has been seen in previous Fallout games but not even close to the same level.

The games Bethesda develops maintain endless “replayability.” Skyrim is another one of Bethesda’s biggest hits. Skyrim came out in 2011, but it’s still my all-time favorite game, and no game since has been able to meet the depth and level that this game has reached. Bethesda is a rare gem in the gaming industry.

They put quality above profit, and they spend years making games when most games are made in less than one. Oddly enough, quality games profit. Fallout 4 will be Bethesda’s first single-player game since Skyrim, and it is looking like it will be their best.

I Made My Own Desktop

Simple Crystal Rainmeter Skin

About four years ago, I used a program called Rainmeter. The program is a manager for add-ons that accessorize desktops. It allows users to fully customize their computer desktop to their liking.

Users can easily download other users add-ons through places like DeviantArt and Reddit. Or they can code their own plugins and create an entirely personalized one-of-a-kind desktop.

Most people share their creations and submit their skin, which is the entire desktop, to the sub-Reddit and the individual plugins to Deviant Art. Four years ago, I did not realize its potential and saw it as a handicap slowing down my computer.

Now that I have a computer with a solid state drive, Rainmeter is a lot easier to run. So I started using it again. I love it so much I change my skin almost every week, but for the first time I have made my own skin. I used a lot of other people’s plugins, but I still had to do my own coding.

I customized things like font size, colors, and positioning, and  I also made my own basic plugin after reading several guides to learn how to do this. The skin is pretty simple and I posted an image with a guide on Reddit.

Now that I am more familiar with the programming of the plugins, I know I can make better ones, and I most certainly will. Instead of asking for help now, I can give the help to the “noobs”, like the mid-level skin makers did for me.

Even though my skin will probably never be the most popular skin, it’s nice to know that my contributions have added to the giant pool of creativity that is the Rainmeter sub-Reddit.

The New America

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It’s 2015 and all the good values in Americans are dead. This generation is disrespectful, uninformed, more interested in what’s trending, and drinking overpriced coffee, than finding success in life. There was a time where Americans took pride in their work, when they respected the President, and families talked about their day at meals.

What happened to the hard-working American? The ones that took pride in their work and came home each day satisfied and tired? Nowadays everyone complains about their work; they think being a barista is a career, and that their life’s so hard.

60% of United States citizens don’t graduate college. If anyone from that 60% says life is hard, they are full of crap. They do less than the 40%, and they complain just as much. How hard can their job be?

If anyone comes home from work not tired, they did it wrong. This is America, what was once the best nation in the world. What happened to this generation? How did one generation completely ruin all American values? I am ashamed to be a part of the worst generation in American history. What happened to the good old American ideal that we could always do better?

The lazy baristas and interns aren’t just bad employees; they are just plain disrespectful. Everywhere I go, I will see at least one kid being extremely disrespectful. There’s a difference between teenage trouble making and pure disrespect.

The disrespect is  rudeness, like knocking stuff down and not picking it up because it’s not their job. It’s okay to not agree, but to disrespect publicly is wrong. Everyone from my generation, including me, does this. I’m not proud when I do it, but it’s just something everyone does now.

This is the generation of social media where we can say anything without repercussions. Free speech is great, but what no one understands anymore is just because it can be said, it doesn’t mean it should be. I would classify myself as a Republican, but I don’t trash talk Obama.

In fact, I think Obama has done a damn good job. Obama is a great example to show what’s wrong with the nation. When I say that, I don’t mean the government; I mean the people in it. What is wrong with people who think it’s okay to question whether Obama was born in the states?

What happened that made it okay for the media to falsely state Obama’s plans? The biggest incident was post Sandy Hook, when the news was telling everyone Obama is taking their guns away. But in reality, he has done more for gun nuts than against.

I’m not saying it’s the parents of this generation to blame. It’s the biased news that is viewed by everyone, manipulating the public. It is the uninformed social media users spreading non-factual crap that makes the government look like a joke. What makes this country so bad? It’s the people who say the country is bad, but don’t realize that they are the ones who need to change it. They are the ones who make America bad.

I hope that someday people once again look up to the President with the highest level of respect, even those that don’t agree. The people make the country, not the government. It’s the whole damn reason the government was designed the way it was.