The Great Adventures of Tim Part 2

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About four weeks had gone by since Tim had been trapped in the 2D world. He thinks he had been dreaming. Until he was walking to class and he suddenly  appeared in a semi trashed apartment with a man wearing a black and red outfit. Tim asked this Mysterious man where he was. The man replied “Hollywood.” Tim was confused, thinking how did he end up in Hollywood. The man interrupted his thoughts and said “My name is Deadpool, owned by 20th Century Fox, and I am a video game and comic book character. I am fully aware I am trapped inside in this game.” Tim was in shock and he asked the Deadpool “we are in a video game?” Deadpool said “yes.” Tim asked: “How do we get out?” Deadpool paused for a minute, then said “I don’t know, I have never tried. I like being the star of a game. Its pretty awesome.” Pausing for a minute, “But there’s these minion things I’m supposed do to beat the game but I tend to just kill people for fun rather than go do the mission. I’m sure if you do them you will get out.”

Tim was on his way to his first mission when he suddenly woke up. He was back in his dorm room and it was two days before the Deadpool indecent. He was really confused. He decided to do some research on Deadpool. He researched his game, how he was aware he was in the game and what other game characters know there in a game. That was when he came across a batman game. The batman game had a villain named Fear. Fears power was that he could find people’s deepest fears and exploit them. In the game, this villain figured out batman was controlled by someone whose biggest fear was losing unsaved progress. He decided that it was all crazy, that games are just games and he was simply dreaming. So he got dressed and went to breakfast. At breakfast he noticed some people did not have cups, but they still would make movements to drink like they had cups. He immediately thought that it was a joke. After breakfast, while he was walking back to his room, he saw two cars drive through each other. There wasn’t a scratch on either car and they just kept going. Tim say to his friend “Dididid you see that?” Everything turned black, and there was no sound no light. Just blackness.

EXPLANATION: This is for those who are totally lost in what just happened. Part one is where Tim gets trapped in a Mario like game, but he did not realize its the worlds famous Mario because the game was a spin-off. Tim is not a normal person he is in fact a character from his own game. This is implying that all of us are trapped in a game. The system that the game is on has corrupt files so when the user switched games Tim would enter that game. Deadpool and fear are game characters that are like Tim. They realize what they thought was reality was in fact just a game. The story is written from the perspective of the computers monitor and the blackness was because the computer crashed. Before the computer crashed things where missing because the corruption had destroyed it. The black screen was because there was nothing for the monitor to display after the computer crashed.