The Old, The New, The Better

After attending Catholic preparatory school for the past two and a half years with a number of my closest friends, I never imagined I would have transferred to a quite liberal, low-key school with such a relaxed environment.

Because of the many negative experiences I had at such a strict and old-fashioned school, I decided that it was necessary to make a change in my academic life.

One of my best friends and her older brother advocated highly for the school they went to; Ojai Valley School. Sounds like some tiny, boring school in the middle of nowhere.

Boy was I wrong.

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The second I arrived on campus for an interview with admissions, I was taken aback by the breathless view from the top of campus.

Not only can you see a majority of the Ojai Valley, but as I looked around I noticed the extent of beauty around and on campus. Horses grazing among the green, lush hills, the large and obviously eco-friendly solar panels that consume the top of a hillside, and the relaxed social environment.

Boring? Too small?

Absolutely not.

Intuitive, environmentally aware, fresh, clean, warm, friendly.

These are the words I would use to describe this new school I call home.


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