So it is essentially the end of the school year at this point and a lot has changed over the last year. I have lived a year of new experiences.

At the beginning I was excited, but fear always gripped the back of my throat. Over time that feeling faded after acquiring new friends and finding a real home at OVS.

Writing these blogs and journalism in general has helped me more than I would have liked to admit. I am entering a lot of projects this summer pertaining to writing and I fell like a much more confident writer.

I have learned incredible things this year and I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone that helped me this year.

Running for Office

This year I will be running for the office of day student representative. Running for office is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.177193737

The race looks like it is going to be incredibly exciting and a tough race, and I’m honestly happy about that. I wanted it to be a tough competition that is going to be difficult.


You are most definitely going to see my posters around and I wish luck to my competitor.

Move in

The official move in date for my new house is this Thursday and I am in awe at how fast it happened. A year ago that plot of land was just dirt, and now it if skilled with a house. it is like it appeared out of nowhere.

I am slowly moving all of my things into the house and it is taking shape. My bed is in place and the living room and kitchen look amazing
I cannot wait to live in it.

After living in a glorified box for the last year it will be a nice change.


Isolation is a theme that I address in a lot of my short stories and poems. I think the way a person deals with the feeling that they are separated from the rest of society creates a unique look into a person’s mind. It creates a more real perspective.

Isolation is an interesting concept in the age where we have people living for months at a time in space. Six people can live thousands of miles away from their home on the planet, but survive for months.

Space and the deep sea create interesting locations for stories, and the exploration poses serious questions about the sanity of the human mind.

Kanye West’s New Music

Kanye west performed on saturday night live this week, and the only way I can describe it is… Interesting. He has changed his sound to a darker more industrial style which channels the Death Grips, and It works within that style.

My only problem is that I feel like the music is much too serious. He looks like he’s having no fun. I miss the soul-sampling Kanye from his early years. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was a Masterpiece and a fantastic summation of Kanye’s style, this new album seems as though he is changing his style too much and too fast. His songs “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead” both have titles that will stir up controversy, and I think he wants them too.

His debut of the “New Slaves” video, which he projected on 66 walls across the world was incredibly cool, and is a testament to his marketing creativity.


I want to trek across the country.

Explore every nook and cranny America has to offer.

North to south east to west.

I want to see great mountains.

I want to see vast expanses of plains.

I want to see the good and the bad.

I want to see the farmer toiling endlessly for his crop.

I want to see the child growing up in compton who is destined to be a great artist.

America has so much to offer

And only a trek would do it justice.


My house is nearly finished. We are in the last week of construction, and it is looking amazing. I am excited that I have a house in Ojai now.

I will miss living at OVS with my friends 24/7, but I feel overwhelmed and need a space I can be.

My family has been really helpful this past year in transitioning me to a new place, and helping me with college apps as well.

Moving from OVS will be hard, but it is a change that I am excited to do.


There once was a very tired editor who would spend all day grading and posting blogs. By the end of the day she would look over so many blogs that her arms would get sore from grading.

Her exhaustion would show in her demeanor by the end of the day. She would drag her feet across the floor as she approached her car.

She would schlep herself home and open her computer to articles and blogs ready to be edited, and everyday she would stay up until they were all finished.

She never took breaks and always worked incredibly hard for her classes.

This editor is our editor-in-chief Aria Ellett.

A valiant soldier

Red never thought this day would come. He had been drafted. He had overheard the officers saying that this war was a lost cause and the draft was a death sentence. A soldier’s life wasn’t valued in this army.

He worked in basic training for a year becoming the most battle ready soldier in the military.

The time came for his first battle. The officers told him the future was at stake.

He approached his position and got in.

He was flung through the air at great speed.

He was honored in a way only the angriest of birds can.

3 Stars.


“All systems go.” Said the leader of our group.

This seemed familiar for some reason.

We were colliding particles at mind boggling speeds, something interesting was bound to happen.

I am just a lab technician with an eye for detail. Nothing special.

a simple error message

“error code OXO223.”
“Hey Johnston!” I yelled to the team leader, “What is the deal with this error that keeps popping up?”

“It’s all part of the plan,” Johnston replied. “Continue with the procedure.”

I kept with my job

I set the generators to full power and started the countdown.

“Launching in T-Minus 5…4…3…2…1… Launch”


“All systems go.” Said the leader of our group.

Deja Vu started kicking in. I thought nothing of it.

“error code OXO224.”

I knew that code, something was familiar about it. Maybe I saw it in training.
“Hey Johnston!” I yelled to the team leader, “What is the deal with this error that keeps popping up?”

“It’s all part of the plan,” Johnston replied. “Continue with the procedure.”

I hesitated. Something seemed wrong.

“Are you sure the error is nothing?” I said.

“Yes, very, now get back to your job Rook,” Said Johnston.

I set the generators to full power and started the countdown.

“Launching in T-Minus 5…4…3…2…1… Launch”


“All systems go.” Said the leader of our group.

I was hit with a huge bit of Deja Vu. Something was definitely wrong.


I showed Johnston.

“It’s all part of the plan,” Johnston replied. “Continue with the procedure.”

“John, this can’t be right,” I said. “We have to shut it down.”

“You will do as you are told, now get back to your station,” Said Johnston.

I walked back to the station. I couldn’t do it. Something was wrong.

I started imputing the abort code. Before I could get through the five number code I felt a gun against the back of my head.

“Continue with the procedure,” He said.

I hit the switch.
“Launching in T-Minus 5…4…3…2…1… Launch”

Black. The whole of it. The darkest black I had ever seen. I felt suffocated in my own body. I was left here for eternity.

Just my thoughts.