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Super Scary, Stereotypical Costumes

Halloween is arguably one of the most fun holidays. You can dress up like a banana, a zombie cheerleader, or even a cat. However, a certain kind of costume that is not acceptable, comes around every year. Those costumes fall … Continue reading

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While it may sound vain, despite being relatively confident, comfortable, and even sometimes feeling rather pretty, I don’t think I’ve ever felt fully represented as “beautiful”. It frustrates me that so much of my already fragile confidence could be tied to … Continue reading

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The Vow

This Saturday, I went off campus with some friends to go shopping, have dinner, and see the new movie The Vow. I have been SO excited for this movie ever since I saw the first trailer in theaters. First of … Continue reading

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Love•ly |ˈləvlē| adjective ( -lier , -liest ): exquisitely beautiful Un•love•ly |ˌənˈləvlē| adjective: not attractive; ugly. Beauty. Allure. Charm. Elegance. What makes a woman lovely? Rather, what does society deem beautiful? What do you think of when you hear the word pretty? Lisa Noel Ruocco -Model Long legs.  Glossy hair. … Continue reading

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