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The Party at the End of the Summer

It was oppressively hot, but it was worse inside. The idea for the party had been born earlier that month, straight out of the heatwave, full of desperate loneliness and braised, salted wounds. He had thought that the heat had … Continue reading

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While it may sound vain, despite being relatively confident, comfortable, and even sometimes feeling rather pretty, I don’t think I’ve ever felt fully represented as “beautiful”. It frustrates me that so much of my already fragile confidence could be tied to … Continue reading

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The Summertime Blues

The summertime blues whisper to me, they caress and seduce, they ask Am I going to regret that?   Not taking them up on that offer. Am I going to regret what I’m doing to myself? Am I doing it … Continue reading

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IT : a review

*Contains spoilers IT, where to start? Born from the brain of literary machine and titan Stephen King, IT is the story of how fear and childhood trauma haunts people into adulthood. Written out, the entire story takes about 1,100 pages and … Continue reading

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End of the Year

The end of the year is a strangely lonely time. You know that people will be leaving, projects are due, and so is all the school work from the past few months that you’ve hidden under your bed in denial. … Continue reading

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How Calvin and Hobbes Grows With Me

When I was in elementary school I first encountered Calvin and Hobbes. Since then it has resurfaced in various parts of my life surprisingly more and more topically. Bill Watterson’s perennial comic often addresses the problems and anxieties of growing up, … Continue reading

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2017 IS SET TO SEE STEPHEN KING’S THE GUNSLINGER COME TO FILM. Additionally, with a gorgeous, gun-toting Idris Elba at the front and center. Set to release in August, The Gunslinger is a source of great excitement and anxiety. Like … Continue reading

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