Worth it

Thanksgiving break is coming soon, and everyone seems to be excited for it.

Most of the people go back home, and celebrate with a humongous turkey sitting on the middle of table. As an international student, however, Thanksgiving is not as welcoming as other holidays. I love going back home, but 1 week is simply too short. To go back, we have to endure 13 hours of flight and then another 2 hours to go back home. Then you have to deal with Jet lag, which takes a while to get over.

Time just flies during thanksgiving, and it is exhausting to spend a full day just in plane, but I guess I’m still excited to see my family.

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Am I “Half”?

Hapa, biracial, multiracial, mixed. There are many names people call me here in America. In Japan, where I grew up, people call me “ha-fu,” or “half”, because my mother is Japanese and my father is European American. But am I, and those who are mixed race in Japan, not full Japanese because we don’t look like standard Japanese people? I am a Japanese citizen, and my first language is Japanese. I consider myself to be both American and Japanese. I’m not only half of a country.

Photo Credit: media4.s-nbcnews.com

Ariana Miyamoto, Miss Japan 2015, is considered to be only “half” Japanese to some people. Her father is African-American and her mother is Japanese. She is the first mixed-race woman to win the title. She grew up in Japan, speaks the language and is a citizen. What more does she need to do to be considered “Japanese”? From my point of view, there is no question that Ariana is Japanese.

Here is an interview of her, done by BBC News.

Just Another Poem.

It’s strange, it’s different.

It’s not the same.

Yesterday, I was holding the key to my heart.

Today, I am letting the empty memories slip through my fingers.

One big mistake, buried under silence. One mistake. That’s all it took to pull that loose string, and unravel the monster within.

Lies, lies, and broken ties. Trust is gone, trust is gone.

But still, beneath it all, I don’t want to move on. It doesn’t feel right.

Moving along, following his steps, mixed feelings, uncertainty, rest.