I never would have been able to imagine someone making me this happy.  The little things he does makes me happier than anyone else’s little things has ever done.

Listening to the dumbest songs in his truck and watching him sing them and just act like a dork makes me smile so much my mouth hurts.  Just sitting next to him makes me happy.

photo credit: pinterest.com

He does sweet, small things which add up and make me feel so happy and he is actually happy to be with me.

He always opens doors for me, picks me up, and takes me out.  He treats me with respect and takes care of me.  I almost never pay for anything myself and he just makes me incredibly happy with the conversations we have.

On Saturday, he told me that after he washed his truck, he found something weird in the mud. I never would have imagined that someone writing out prom with mud would make me so happy.

Even when I just go to his house and watch TV with his family and him, I am happy.  I love spending time with him and I love the girl’s days I have with his mom and his younger sister.

I am so lucky to be with him.  He is so sweet to me and I feel like I don’t deserve him and the way he treats me.  I haven’t felt this love and appreciation since my dad died.  It sounds weird, but he was the only person in my life who showed how much he cared about me until I met him.

I know he was hurt in the past and I hope he knows I could never do that to him.  I, also, hope that I make him feel as special and happy as he makes me.

She’s a Beauty

She is a beauty. Her skin is a flawless, radiant white. Sometimes she is shy and shields her lips but sometimes she is bold, and opens her mouth; a striking red is revealed. She is all looks and she is all brains. She can make precise calculations and she will never be lost. She is a good listener, very obedient, and will do what she is told. But boy oh boy, can she sing. She can belt out notes at the top of her lungs, and she can hum a tune. Her voice is one that makes her peers quiver with envy. She is very athletic, she can run fast and she can run with grace. She is talented. She is perfect. She is the car of my dreams.

BMW 335i red leather

The BMW 335i hardtop convertible is the car for me. Just the other day, I was setting up an appointment for my behind-the-wheel test at the DMV, and I was thinking about my future car. Only one car came to mind.

A year ago, while I was walking through a BMW dealership, a certain hardtop convertible had caught my eye and stole my heart.

MBW 335i top going down

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