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What I Learned From The 100

In January, I got the chance to miss three days of school and head up to Vancouver to watch the production of my favorite tv show, The 100. Now I probably know what a lot of people were thinking: this … Continue reading

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Branded Feminism

When I was five, my mom bought a silver iPod with bulky, rounded corners and a perpetually dirty screen. I would always listen to her vast array of songs while sitting in a shopping cart at the grocery store or in Walmart. … Continue reading

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Outcast – a person who has been rejected by society or a social group. This may be the common definition and concept of what an outcast is,  however,  I don’t agree with it. I believe that there are many different … Continue reading

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In today’s culture, constant sharing of people’s day to day lives has become the norm.  Particularly, sharing of pictures of food. But why has it become so important that we share images of our meals with the whole world?  Food … Continue reading

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Trucks Take Over

As I was driving today in the predictable evening LA traffic, I realized just how many different types of cars there are on the road. In my family alone, we have a truck, two sedans, and two vans, all by … Continue reading

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