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It’s a snake. She’s black too, but the kind of black the night sky is. She’s dark. She’s vivid. She’s powerful. She’s real. She can never leave you, and sometimes, you want her to leave you. She can be your … Continue reading

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It’s a butterfly. It’s black, all black, with misty, soft, glowy, fuzzy edges, like the edges of a shadow. You can’t really hear it, it’s there. You begin to let your guard down, it’s there. You let your mind wander, … Continue reading

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In average, woman blinks 15 times and men blinks 20 times per minute. Since blinking only takes about 0.3 seconds, men blinks 6 seconds worth blinking which means you’re blinking 10 % when you’re awake. The amount of blinking shows … Continue reading

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