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The other day I gave my speech for student council vice president. I wasn’t feeling nervous for like the entire day up until about five minutes before I was supposed to give my speech. I felt like I was gonna puke all over the place. Anyway, supposedly my speech was really good, I got a lot of compliments and people told me that they weren’t sure who to vote for until they heard my speech, and they decided that they would vote for me, so that’s pretty cool. I’m not really sure why people think it was so good, I mean I feel like it was a pretty mediocre speech and there were better ones that people didn’t really seem to pay attention to, but whatever the case I’m glad people liked it. I mean I really just talked about representing the Students and like putting them and their desires first and stuff, which I feel like is kinda basic stuff when it comes to Student Council. But whatever, people liked it and maybe I’ll win tomorrow, I guess we’ll see.

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Goodness, is it too much to give up one lunch of your day so that someone, somewhere could have a meal? So that maybe some animal could be saved. So that cancer research can be funded?

I am frustrated. Frustrated with the current predicament that student council is facing. We have proposed the idea of replacing one lunch meal at school for soup, salad, and bread so that the proceeds would go towards a charity of the student body’s choice. The underclassmen agreed to the idea. But the upperclassmen…that’s a different story.

A few people are concerned about not having a good lunch. They complain that lunch is bad enough already that they would not want to downgrade to a simple meal of soup.

But what astounds me is their view of community service. Community service is about giving, not about luxury. So why then, is giving up a single meal, one out of the 21 meals that they have a day, so difficult? All of the money goes straight to the charity. So why? Only good can come out of this experience.

To be continued. Hopefully, progress will come.

Controversy over… Soup?

Today in our senior class meeting, something unexpected and very surprising happened. And to be honest, even though it does not have a direct effect on me, it still bothers me. A lot.

Student council has proposed the idea of a soup lunch. Once a week we would serve only soup, salad, and bread, and the money saved would be donated to a charity of our choice to help people in need.

The unbelievable part is that this simple, easy, and helpful plan has basically been denied. Why? Because a small number of students feel like it is not a good idea for some strange reason.

I would like to say that I am sympathetic and that I also see it from their point of view, but unfortunately I don’t. The students who objected brought concerns about where the money is going, how much we will raise, and how they don’t want to skip a meal. But really, soup, bread, and salad is a very substantial meal that many less fortunate people out there would be ecstatic to have each day.

There are 20 meals served each week. And out of all of those, we can’t find theĀ selflessness to give up one single meal to help others.

What’s happened to all the generosity in this world?

exchange peace

After holding many fund-raising events for Invisible Children, student council encourage students to participate in the Exchange Peace event. We can make peace pals with students from all over the world. Last year we exchange with students in Uganda.

This year we are going to exchange with students in India. It is very easy for students to be one part of this event. Every student receive a little card which requires them to draw a picture related to peace and write a short message to those students.

We will send the cards to India and later the Indian students will send the same cards to us. Although it is just a simple card exchanging event, the meaning for this event is to create a global peace, because there are still many children like those in Uganda are suffering from the civil war in their country.


In order to welcome Halloween, the OVS student council decided to hold a Halloween haunting tour. We spent few hundred dollars buying costumes and props. However, we didn’t charge the students ay money to take the tour.

The tour began at the courtyard at Friday night, where a mad pianist was playing horrifying music while several zombies were eating dead bodies waiting for new victims to come. After facing the terrifying zombies, a werewolf and the guy from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre were waiting to scare on their way down to the amphitheater.

At the amphitheater, two crazy scientists had just lost control of a ferocious Frankenstein. After escaping from Frankenstein, the survivors stepped into the pool area, which was Death’s territory. The Death and a haunting ghost are trying to take the survivors lives away.

The whole scary adventure was a welcome surprise for the entire school and provide a scary for Halloween.