The Social Network Review. Who was the bad guy?

So I just watched the Social Network for the second time with my mother and sister. As it turns out, Armie Hammer, one of our neighbors in Santa Monica, played the Winklevoss twins in the movie. This fact however is there just for show and provides no bias in any way. Here’s my observation this time around when I could focus on the movie and not have an alcohol joke made every 5 minutes or the phrase “heyyyy, that’s inappropriate” made more than once.

So we know that Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, is the founder of the internet phenomenon and the main character of the movie. He starts off working with the Winklevoss twins and their associate Divya Narendra on a site called It basically does the same thing facebook does. Zuckerberg allegedly steals their idea and starts facebook. The movie has just as much footage of the lawsuit in 2008 as it does flashbacks to their days at Harvard in 2004. So with the movie  basically summarized, here is my question: Who was the antagonist?

Now we know that we as a film audience are incensed to support little Zuckerberg against the big bad Winklebi however, look at the qualifications. Zuckerberg makes his girlfriend break up with him at the beginning of the movie and then writes a scathing blog entry about her. He then insults the entire female population at the school by comparing their looks on This gives him 6 months academic probation. He alienates his only friend Eduardo Saverin by almost completely removing him from the company even though he was the co founder, and of course, is accused of intellectual property theft by the Winklevoss twins. If this is truly how facebook is created, then Zuckerberg is no different than any other typical CEO who will step on anyone to reach the top.

Now in the mean time, all the Winklevoss twins and Narendra are guilty of are being the bump in the road for this creation to take place. Yet really think about it here before you either think rationally or act typical. They were only normal kids with an idea at an ivy league university who they feel had robbed from them. The idea was revolutionary and worth a lot of money so they did what they thought was right. Whether it be physical appearance that portrays them as bad guys or if you thought their actions were wrong, they were only doing what they thought was right. After all, many people agree that Eisenberg protrayed the facebook founder as a socially awkward jerk. Should all this be true, then we as a film audience have some thinking to do.

You be the judge.


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