Ochocinco: This time its bull-riding

So I posted a while ago about ochocinco trying out for a soccer team, and in my opinion, it was pretty funny to see him try to entertain himself and his ADHD-like enthusiasm during the NFL lockout.

Now he’s done it again, recently posting on his twitter, “Can everyone please follow @teampbr and @fordtrucks,after I ride this bull for 8 seconds I’m giving the away the F-150 I win.” and a few hours later posting “#EPIC RT @pbrcoo@ochocinco that’s the deal. Show up and get on the bull u get 10K, ride him for 8 secs and its a brand new F150″

In other words, Ochocinco is trying to be a bull-rider, and hes getting $10K to ride it and a brand new truck if he stays on for 8 seconds.

Well he rode the bull a couple days ago, and he lasted 1.5 seconds.

Yes, there is a video.

So no truck, but he managed to make ten thousand dollars for less than two seconds of his time.

Pretty legit.

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