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Jon Stewart Slams O’Reilly

Common: known by most as a rapper. However, when it comes to his fans, he is best known as a poet. Apparently, he is also a known affiliate of a “cop-killer.” That is why when he was invited to a … Continue reading

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Ochocinco: This time its bull-riding

So I posted a while ago about ochocinco trying out for a soccer team, and in my opinion, it was pretty funny to see him try to entertain himself and his ADHD-like enthusiasm during the NFL lockout. Now he’s done it again, … Continue reading

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Of all the things I wish I could have done so far this year, Coachella tops the list. With headliners Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, and Kanye West on top of artists like The Black Keys, Wiz Khalifa, and The … Continue reading

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One year older, four teeth less wise.

It’s Sunday night. School begins again tomorrow, and the weekend is done. This statement both reassures me and makes me a little upset. To tell the truth, it’s not schoolwork or the fact that I have to wake up early, … Continue reading

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Well, next Thursday is prom. The girls are buying their dresses and picking hairstyles and the boys are realizing that they might need a tux. But OVS isn’t the only school with a prom. Among all the news of events … Continue reading

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The New Punk?

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Quite a name for a rap group, isn’t it? However, OFWGKTA, or Odd Future, as they are often called, is as far from a traditional rap group as they come. They have been described … Continue reading

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Football or Futbol?

Chad Ochocinco just finished his first day of tryouts for Kansas City’s MLS team. I know… WTF right? Well, apparently Ochocinco has had a longtime dream of being a soccer player, and thanks to the NFL lockout, he has the … Continue reading

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