Mr. Noodles.

People do love food. After I came to OVS, i discovered that students do love noodles, I mean instant noodles, which can be cooked in short period of time, usually with good flavors.

Instant noodles are for “lazy” people mostly but to be honest, I personally regard them invention as a smart stuff and they indeed change our lives a lot. Then I did some research on the instant noodles and discovered more about them.

Instant noodle was invented by a Janpanese. In 1958, Momofuku Ando invented “CHICKEN RAMEN ™”, the world’s first instant noodle product. His achievement brought a revolution in culinary culture. In 1971, he developed “CUP NOODLE ®”, the world’s first cup-type noodle product. In the editorial in its January 9, 2007 edition, the New York Times expressed appreciation for the achievements of “Mr. Noodles,” who it said deserved an eternal place in the pantheon of human achievement.

“The technology of “CHICKEN RAMEN ™” developed by Momofuku in a humble shed behind his home involved rapidly drying noodles through flash-frying in oil.” This method became the basis for all instant noodle production.

Later, his revolutionary “CUP NOODLE ®” concept in which a single container serves as packaging, cooking vessel and serving dish was the basis for cup-type instant noodles.

Nowadays, the instant noodles have numerous types from different countries. Even though hey are not really healthy, they can be fairly helpful and save your life when you are lazy to cook and when you want to try something different.


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