Colleges start with ME.

As my junior year is coming to an end, my English class recently began to focus on the college stuff.

Ms. Boismenue came to my English class yesterday to introduce all of us a scary thing called “college essay.” Although I’ve heard how important it is for the application process of colleges, I could still feel the power of it which made me feel nervous and of course, stressful. 

However, as Ms.Boismenue and our English teacher Ms.Wilson explained to us more details about the process, I felt it was the most important process but also the most interesting part of the colleges applications.

Ms.Boismenue then handed to us a list of some traditional and creative essay topics from some colleges the past few years, and asked us to actually pick one of them and plan to write. There were about ten topics and this one caught me eyes – “It has been said in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. Describe your fifteen minutes. ” (from NYU, 2007)

We were told that for all the college essays, they want to know a real “YOU” from your writing which shows them how their school fits you the most and why you are different from other numerous applicants.

Within about 500 words, I need to portray the person I know the most – myself. It was funny that until the moment I started to think about the essay, I hadn’t had a chance to actually analyze myself really thoroughly. So, i guess the time is coming.

In order to write  a good college essay, I think it’s time for me to stand in front of a mirror and ask myself – “Who are you?”

Because all the colleges start with a real “ME.”


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