Senior Aria in Editor Chief…

Aria Ellett.

What words can be said that define how amazing she is.

Is it the smile, maybe.

Is it the hair, maybe.

But no, I think it is just who she is.

An amazing person who you can text at any time and she will always be there.

Mess up with your timing of a blog, Aria’s got your back.

Yea, she might yell at you through her words at first, but then she realized,

Wow, Keaton is almost as great as I am.

I can’t believe she will be leaving us as Senior Editor in Chief Arno Elleteeteetteteeeeetlllleltlellele, theres some correct amount of Es and Ls and Ts, make something out of it, but above all else she will be missed.

Her sassyness in and out of the classroom.

Her laugh snort that I have kept track of all year,

What else can be said but,

You look great.


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