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1-0…. Again

Well we just played our first game of the season on Wednesday and just like last year’s first game…. WE WON!!!! It was a great game against Thacher’s JV squad, but we came out on top. The game started of … Continue reading

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Half Mast

It wasn’t always been this way, or at least so I hear. It has become semi-normal to see the red, white, and blue flag the represents freedom to be halfway down the pole. September seems like there has been an … Continue reading

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Phonebloks: The Phone of the future

Last night I was on Facebook, just cruising as I do and I see a link shared by my Dad’s company. The caption of this video was this, “Very interesting idea. Would you adopt this phone technology? // #phoneblocks” I was … Continue reading

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Curtain Call

As this year is drawing to an end, this is my last mandatory blog. I wanted to take a second and thank all you have read my blog through my year in this class, but this isn’t the last of … Continue reading

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My Anecdote

As the leaves change colors maybe your love will too. As the fall brings change hopefully it comes in more than one way. I have waited for too long to give up now, so don’t you give up either. We … Continue reading

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End of the year work

Most people would think that as the school winds down, so would the work load. Umm, that is a negative. Quite the opposite has happened to me. I feel like right now is the most work I have had in … Continue reading

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Senior Aria in Editor Chief…

Aria Ellett. What words can be said that define how amazing she is. Is it the smile, maybe. Is it the hair, maybe. But no, I think it is just who she is. An amazing person who you can text … Continue reading

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