Round 2 : Game 1

I guess having my bracket messed up was worth getting home ice advantage against the Sharks.

Game 1 began on Tuesday. The air of champions has filled Staples Center and the Kings got back to playing hockey like they are supposed to.

In Game 1 it became apparent that Slava Voynov finally figured out that when the puck goes in the other teams net, it usually works out better for him than if he puts it in our net.

Just sayin.

Anyways Voynov started the game off early with a goal. With only 13 seconds left in the 1st period Voynov rips one passed Niemi to put the Kings up 1-0 heading in to the locker room.

And then later in the 2nd period we have some great hard hits!

Let’s talk about Robyn Reghr for a moment.

We acquired him late in the season, but thank god we did.

He is awesome.

He plays hockey how hockey should be played.

He takes crap from nobody and he let’s them know he isn’t anyone to be messed with.

Later in the 2nd period came some hard hits that were not in our favor, at least right away.

With one minute to go in the 2nd Patrick Marleau lays a nasty hit on Doughty behind the night.

Doughty immediately looks hurt and skates away hunched over. Within a few seconds of that Raffi Torres had to go prove he was the big man and laid a nasty hit on Jarret Stoll, and he felt it.

Stoll had his head down skating with the puck and Torres laid into his head with a shoulder.

Stoll went out of the game and hasn’t returned since.

On the bright side Raffi Torres was suspended for the rest of the Kings series which means we don’t have to deal with him anymore.

Keep in mind this is the same game who got suspended for 25 games last post season for his hit on Marian Hossa.

Here is Brendan Shannahan explaining why.

I just don’t like that guy!

Also in the 2nd period came Voynov’s 2nd goal, technically it was his because it grazed Mike Richards, but it would have gone in either way.

He fired it in from the blue line, and man was it pretty.

That was the final goal scored in the game leaving the Kings with a 2-0 victory.

Always nice to have a shutout for a goalie that’s as frickin awesome as Quicky.


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