Worst Person 29-Titus Young

Everyone kinda saw this one coming. The only real question is why haven’t I done a worst person on Titus Young way earlier?

I’ll be honest. I thought he was going to grow up, and figure it out. Instead, he’s turning into a diva wide receiver that can’t stay out of trouble with the law. He kind of reminds me of Chris Henry.

What? Too soon?

Oh well.

Anyway, Titus Young has had a rapid decline in the NFL as he has gone from the number 2 target of Matthew Stafford behind Calvin Johnson, to a job-less, confused young man.

His locker room antics caused the Lions to release him, and he was picked up by the Rams. However, less than two weeks later, the Rams cut him too.

Not a lot has been released about what he had going on in the locker rooms or in coach meetings. Regardless, this sequence of events has led to the downfall of Titus Young.

But he’s back in the news once again, and this time, he’s not in trouble with a team. He’s in trouble with the law.

This past week, Titus was arrested three separate times, including two times in a 15 hour span.

I had very high hopes for Titus. I expected solid football-related things out of this guy. Unfortunately, I don’t think another team will take a chance on him. I feel bad for him, but he did it to himself. Currently, he is being held and his family is considering whether or not to pay bail for him.

Titus, you have two choices. Either shut up and play, or continue to ruin your life.


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