NFL Sunday’s in the Fall.

NFL Sundays are great, especially in the foggy/misty Fall.

Waking up on cloudy Sunday knowing football is on is truly of the best feelings in the world. And if you are an owner of NFL Network Red Zone that is 7 hours of commercial free football. I start my NFL Sundays with nice balanced breakfast(which is usually leftovers from dinner the night before). Then I’ll turn on a pregame show and read a couple articles or watch highlights of Saturday’s college football games.

10 o’clock hits and it kick off for the morning games. I’ll flip through the various 10am games that are broadcasted on CBS, FOX, and NBC. Following the completion of the morning games I’ll make my way to kitchen to find lunch. Lunch is either a sandwich of now that the Fall is upon us SOOOOOUUUUP! I’m a massive soup guy, chicken noodle, matzo ball, Italian wedding are some of favorites.

A generic view of a football before an NCAA game
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Once I find a suitable meal I’ll head back to the couch to watch the afternoon games. Around this time is when I’ll make a deal with myself; the deal is I’ll start my homework during halftime of whatever game(s) I’m watching and I’ll finish it before dinner and Sunday Night Football. This deal fails 11 out of 10 times.

As the afternoon games wrap up I’ll set the table and eat dinner with my family. Following the end to dinner I’ll find myself back on the couch watching kickoff for that night’s SNF game. Once the games reality kicks in, with the sun being down and everyone in the house prepping for bedtime I once again realize that I’m in the same shorts and hoodie from the morning and still have a couple hours of homework to complete.

NFL Sunday’s in the Fall are amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

End of Brady Era.

This year’s Super Bowl was indeed interesting.

I’m Cowboys fan, but I knew they were not going to make it this year.

However, I thought the Ravens or Patriots would make it to the finals but it did not happen.

Ravens had phenomenal season, and most of the spotlights went to Lamar Jackson, Quarterback for Ravens whose running skills shocked a lot of people.

Lamar Jackson ended up winning the MVP award.

Patriots are known for having even stronger team during playoffs, and it is unfortunate that Tom Brady can’t get another ring this year.

It’s probably a good time for him to retire. He is not the greatest Quarterback anymore. Brady is old compared to other Quarterbacks.

Tom Brady was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time but not anymore.

PC: Fox Business

State Sanctioned Violence

All day like, seventeen-year-old lungs rip against heaving chests, drained of oxygen instead filled with battery acid.

All night like, polyester raging against its seams, raging against boys, struggling against muscles, pads, and hearts all swollen, all wet with sweat.

With my boys like, helmets too tight to contain caffeine, concussions, and memories.

With my pads like, misshapen boys ill suited for football competing not only against another team but with themselves.

We hit the field like, a week of repeated beat downs a month of lows and season of confused agony.

Dropping bodies like, a body careens toward another without hesitation, without fear or knowledge of how it will collide with the other.

All day, he swells proud of his grit.

All night, he overflows with passion.

With my boys, he demands I follow.

All day, like a young stallion on a single stake.

With my boys, like the veins on his flank, roaring, like the muscles in his hock, screaming: raw power unfathomable in its adolescent intensity.

All day, he drives his head into his helmet and charges back onto the field.

Photo credit: SB Nation

Sunday Night Football

In boarding school, it is really hard to enjoy Sunday night football. Before moving to boarding school, I was in Dallas with my host family. Even though I did not like living with my host family, Sunday Night Football with my friends was unforgettable. I remember getting really hyped about every crazy play made by the Cowboys. We always had food like pizzas and wings while watching football, or we would go places like Buffalo Wild Wings and watch the Cowboys play and cheer them on with people that I don’t even know. Memories of Sunday night football will never be forgotten, and I will for sure enjoy Sunday night football when I go to college.

Photo Credit: USA today

Uh-Oh Superbowl

The Super Bowl. Probably one of the most American things to happen in America.

Being an American for my entire existence I’ve come to enjoy this sporting event. I’ve seen so many, that I know if it is relatively good or not.

This year was the 50th Super Bowl. That means half a century of an annual celebration of two team going head-to-head throwing around a football. Because of this, I had high expectations. And I was let down.

Now, I’m not a huge football fan, but the actual game wasn’t that exciting. From pretty early in the game, the Broncos were dominating the Panthers. The best football games are the ones that captivate you until the last quarter. But by the fourth quarter, the Panthers didn’t stand a chance.

The next disappointment was the half-time performance. This year it was Coldplay ft. Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Now, I thought Coldplay and Beyonce were going to perform their new song, Hymn For the Weekend. And during their colorful performance, Coldplay provided plenty of buildup to make the final number worthwhile. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Coldplay performed some of their most popular singles and then Bruno Mars and Beyonce just popped up. Donning black leather outfits with gold accents, the two stars competed in a dance battle. Unfortunately for Coldplay, Beyonce completely upstaged them. Especially, revealing her Formation World Tour right after. Overall, there could’ve been more cohesion during the half-time performance.

Finally, the commercials. Oh how terrible they were. The only one that gave me hope was the Heinz commercial with the wiener dogs running in a field of flowers. Now that was cute. Besides that, there was honestly no good content. I mean there was a commercial for IBS and toenail fungus.

And that’s why this year’s Super Bowl was not my favorite.

American Football Meets Crumpets

October 25 marked the thirteenth NFL game in London’s Wembley stadium since 2007. The less than disappointing bout between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars was witnessed by over 84,000 cheering Brits.

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I hope that they know they are cheering for the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars…

Regardless of what low echelon team plays in Wembley, the soccer loving British will always find a way to fill the seats.

They have managed to hold two sell-out games in two weeks. The Bills versus Jags, and the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Detroit Lions.

In the 2015 season there are three scheduled games in London, next year league officials have told London fans that there are to be four.

This growing popularity in pigskin slinging in London has encouraged London officials to encourage a permanent team in England.

The most popular NFL team in London are the Jacksonville Jaguars – yeah I know.

NFL representatives are optimistic that a team could be moved to the crumpet-munchers around 2022.


In the US of A every Sunday is a day of gathering between family and friends. No, not church, football!

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Now picture this, you’re sitting with your friends on Sunday and turn on a NFL game. You tune in just as commercials start. You think, “oh no big deal, I’ll just go grab some more chips and guacamole”. When you get back one of the teams is running a play so you sit down to watch it. Five seconds later the play is over and commercials come back on.

Now you have food, but no entertainment. Unless, of course, you enjoy the same commercials being repeated for three hours.

This infuriated me, I felt that I was watching less of the actual game compared to commercial time. So I did a little bit of research.

Picture Credit: “”



This pie graph will help demonstrate my frustration. According to the graph, the actual action in a football game (meaning when the ball is snapped till the play is called dead by an official) happens in a mere 11 minutes. Compared to that there are 63 minutes of commercials, 67 minutes of players standing around, 35 minutes of random shots of coaches, the crowd and cheerleaders. Even the replays take up more time with 15 minutes.

If that doesn’t annoy a football enthusiast like myself, then I don’t know what will.


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This past weekend many schools held their homecoming dances and games.

A time in the year when school show their spirit and during their dances the student body dresses up and post on Instagram how they got asked to this “magical” night, most likely to spark a flame of jealousy into their hundreds of followers.

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At OVS we don’t have homecoming, for a couple of reasons.

First, we don’t have
a football team making those ever so famous homecoming scenes, where the home team pulls through when their star player is injured and the water boy ends up making the game winning touch down – impossible for us to recreate.

Next, we are a school of less than 200 people so it makes little sense to have a dance where only twenty people who really want to be there.

Homecoming is a time when of the student body comes together as a community and shows their dedication to their school, but since OVS is already such a tight-knit community we don’t need a dance or a sports event to bring us together.


Superbowl Sunday

I have been watching many friends and teachers walk around with a sad and slightly annoyed look on their face for the past week or so. Why? Apparently because with the close score of 22-28, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers in the game to determine who will play in the Superbowl XLIX this year in Arizona.

The Patriots dominated in the finals to determine which teams face off in the Superbowl, and this will be their sixth time in the Superbowl since 2001.

However, there was some controversy over the massive 45-7 victory.

There have been many accusations of the Patriots team purposefully deflating the game balls used in the AFC title game.

One specific person has caused all this havoc for the Patriots; a locker room attendant who was one of the few people to have possession of the balls shortly before the game.

Ridiculous? Maybe.

But many say otherwise.

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It’s Patriots versus the world.


Equestrianism is Not a Sport… Say Football Players

One of the debates currently coursing through the student body at OVS is between football players and equestrians. The football players seem to think that horse-back riding is not a sport.

First of all, I’d like to invite football players to a sit-up competition. The equestrians would win.

Everyone who has sat on a horse even once can recognize the talent, skill, and hard work it takes for a 97 pound person (me) to maneuver a 1,500 pound animal to move forward, sideways, backwards, to jump and gallop and stop, all without looking like you’re doing anything. Not to mention the 1,500 pound horse has a mind of its own, a mind which most often, relishes in doing the exact opposite of what you want him to.

Horse-back riding isn’t a sport? Yeah right.

Whenever I can bully my dad into giving me a piggy back ride, which has been less and less often as I’ve grown taller, he has to remind me over and over again not to squeeze his sides with my legs. That would be because after thirteen years of gripping the sides of a horse, my legs are pretty strong.

Last spring, I decided to take a break from riding. For some reason, I decided to do cross-country running as my fall sport. First of all, that was a terrible idea. Secondly, I realized that I’ve gotten off a horse sweatier than I’ve been after a four or five mile run in ninety degree weather.  My muscles have been far sorer after a challenging ride than they have been after a long run.

Horse-back riding makes you use muscles you didn’t even know you had. It makes you focus, and plan out every move of each finger, arm, leg, and foot because the tiniest movement from any part of your body could send your horse off running or bucking. The horse can sense your fear. It can sense which way you look. It knows what you’re going to do almost before you do – and it loves to do just the opposite of what you’re asking.

So to the football players who think horse-back riding isn’t a sport (cough cough my editor in chief cough cough), I invite you to come to the barn and ride for sports one day. Forewarning, you’ll have a hard time moving the next day.

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