The Lion

How is the lion the king of the jungle?

He his vicious and feared

He’s a killer and a king,

But how?

A lion sleeps for 20 hours day,

Meaning he rules the jungle for only 4 hours a day,

His mentality is different.

He instills fear in others

He kills in his sleep

A lion’s presence alone changes a whole community in the jungle,

Elephants, gazelles, and cheetahs all know who the ruler is

Even humans understand how merciless a lion’s mentality is

In four hours a day the lion is physically running a jungle 

But for 24 hours a day the lion is psychologically ruling a jungle.

Virginia Zoo mourns death of African lion Emery after decline in health |

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Mew vs. 1.1 Million Lions

One billion lions vs. every single Pokémon, who would win? This is a common argument seen on the internet that seems to never end. On one side, there are 898 extremely powerful and versatile Pokémon. On the other side, there is an exponentially larger number of exponentially less powerful lions.

Most people argue that the lions prevail, which is quite valid since one billion is an absurd number. They are wrong. Some Pokémon are literal gods of their worlds which means they could easily wipe out thousands of lions without much effort. To pull this off each Pokémon would have to kill an average of 1.1 million lions. Which is absurd. However, there’s a decent amount of Pokémon that could just permanently stay out of the reach of any lions. It doesn’t matter if it’s one lion or one billion lions, they can’t kill anything that can fly, swim, travel underground or teleport.

The lions can’t kill certain Pokémon, and the ones that they can kill can probably make a dent in the numbers before they go. If it was only Pokémon that stay on the surface, it would be no competition, a billion of anything could win. It is fair to think that the lions would win, one billion is a number that’s completely unperceivable, but regardless of the number, the lions have no way to kill these Pokémon.

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All day I am stared down, laughed at and mimicked. Stuck behind bars, I try to say hello, but all they hear is a roar. I’m not as fierce as I appear, but they’re scared of me, and I’m not allowed to cuddle up to them, to show them who I truly am. I yearn to be free, to go on a long run and splash in a stream. But I can’t, for I am held captive. Day after day, it’s always the same. I wake up to see all of them laughing at me: at the way my mane blows in the wind, the way unwanted flies are always buzzing around me, and the way I carry myself as I try to escape the onlookers. To my left are the zebras, and to my right, the bears. All so different, we are placed together, for they think we relate. They believe that since we walk on the same ground and breathe the same air, we must be similar, when in reality, we couldn’t be more different. Not only do we look different, we come from different prides and we all communicate in different ways. The days continue, and I go to sleep again and again, signifying the next day where although they might move the sea lions, nothing more important than that will happen.

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Worst Person 29-Titus Young

Everyone kinda saw this one coming. The only real question is why haven’t I done a worst person on Titus Young way earlier?

I’ll be honest. I thought he was going to grow up, and figure it out. Instead, he’s turning into a diva wide receiver that can’t stay out of trouble with the law. He kind of reminds me of Chris Henry.

What? Too soon?

Oh well.

Anyway, Titus Young has had a rapid decline in the NFL as he has gone from the number 2 target of Matthew Stafford behind Calvin Johnson, to a job-less, confused young man.

His locker room antics caused the Lions to release him, and he was picked up by the Rams. However, less than two weeks later, the Rams cut him too.

Not a lot has been released about what he had going on in the locker rooms or in coach meetings. Regardless, this sequence of events has led to the downfall of Titus Young.

But he’s back in the news once again, and this time, he’s not in trouble with a team. He’s in trouble with the law.

This past week, Titus was arrested three separate times, including two times in a 15 hour span.

I had very high hopes for Titus. I expected solid football-related things out of this guy. Unfortunately, I don’t think another team will take a chance on him. I feel bad for him, but he did it to himself. Currently, he is being held and his family is considering whether or not to pay bail for him.

Titus, you have two choices. Either shut up and play, or continue to ruin your life.

Finally something good to say about Juan Castillo!

I’ve done a lot of criticizing of Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. I’ve questioned his schemes and his coaching methods. I questioned his treatment of the rookies, namely first round draft pick Fletcher Cox. I discussed my displeasure in regards to the handling of All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Now, unless something else completely ridiculous occurs, I will end my rampage against Juan Castillo.

Some of you are probably wondering why I’m ending my constant ranting about Castillo.

Juan Castillo has been fired by the Philadelphia Eagles.


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Worst Person #25-Colts Rush Defense

Ok, I can understand a defense having a bad day here and there against some top notch players. We saw the Eagles today with a few bumps here and there and the 49ers had some trouble containing the high-powered New York Giants. However, both of those offenses have elite, premier players.

Enter the New York Jets.

The only player on their starting roster right now worthy of any recognition is wide out Santonio Holmes, and he’s out for the season with injury. Despite this fact, the Jets were able to EXPLODE with a vicious rushing game today against the Indianapolis Colts, who just last week, were able to keep the Green Bay Packers in check.

The Packers are loaded with star power. The Jets? Not so much.

Enter Shonn Greene.

The running back burst out today with a 32 carry, 160 yard, 3 touchdown performance.


I gotta point out that Greene, while not a terrible running back, is not a top 10 or even 20 back in this league. On a good day, he has potential to explode with talent. But most days, like when Rex Ryan and the Jets decide “Hey we drafted Mark Sanchez really high! Maybe he should throw the ball more,” Greene doesn’t get a chance to do much.

Sanchez ended the day with 89 yards passing on 18 attempts. Yes, that’s bad but not as bad as how easily the Colts defense was taken advantage of while the Jets ran the ball. It wasn’t even close.

Greene isn’t really a finesse player, but I guess the dude can play ball.

I also want to reiterate how relatively unknown Shonn Greene really is. I went on to google images to find this picture, and i had to go down a little bit before I found a picture that wasn’t either him in Jets training camp or in college. His pro career is very quiet. Maybe this will kick start him a little bit.

And there he goes, ladies and gentlemen!

After my previous posts of Asante Samuel being traded by the Eagles, the deal was finally finished today.

Yes, that’s right. Asante Samuel has been traded to the Atlanta Falcons for a 7th round pick.


The sad part about that laugh is that even though from a distance this looks like a terrible deal for the Eagles after the Lions were rumored to be offering up to a second and third round pick for Samuel last year, I was laughing at the Falcons for a few different reasons.

Number 1 is that now the Eagles have the freedom to spend some money to resign DeSean Jackson. Oh wait, we already did that didn’t we? Joke’s on Atlanta. We will probably use the money to resign running back LeSean McCoy to a massive long term deal.

The second reason I laugh at Atlanta is because of the huge price they pay, literally. Their core of cornerbacks looks very similar to the Eagles last season except for one big piece.

Last year, Asante was worth about 10 million dollars, Nnamdi Asomugha was worth 12 million and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie about 4 million, which is a huge amount of money.

Now check this out.

The Falcons, this coming year, must pay Asante 10 million (being as his new contract won’t kick in immediately) Dunta Robinson is worth about 10 million and Brent Grimes just signed a 10.5 million dollar contract. Thats about 30 million dollars at one position and also the most amount of money at the cornerback position by one team in NFL history.

Will I miss him? Yes. Am I really all that upset about it? No.

I remember when the Eagles first signed Asante. I was home sick from school on the first day of NFL free agency that year. I was really excited because I heard that a few teams were talking to Samuel, one team being the Eagles, considered the favorite to sign him. My mother told me point blank, “John the team always screws us. It’s not going to happen, and I think you know that. The team is run by idiots.”

While I agree with the last part of that, Asante Samuel was signed about one hour later. I was watching in my bed with some soup on my table.

“Breaking news, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed cornerback Asante Samuel to a 6 year, 60 million dollar contract.”


While he was an Eagle, he was one of my favorite players. I love him. I still have his jersey in my drawer at school.

I will miss you, Asante. The Eagles play the Falcons this coming season, so I’ll watch him again, just from the wrong side.

Good luck, Asante. I’m sure you’ll make the Falcons a real contender. Keep stuntin’.

Worst Person #2-Jim Harbaugh

Many NFL fans witnessed the scuffle following the 49ers’ dramatic victory against the Detroit Lions on Sunday. After the game, 49ers’ coach Jim Harbaugh ran out onto the field to shake hands with Lions coach Jim Schwartz when he shoved Schwartz out of the way on his way to the locker room. As of right now, it is unclear what was said between the two. However, Schwartz stated that Harbaugh used an obscenity towards him.

I’m all for being excited following a big win. The Lions were undefeated going into the game, and the 49ers came out victorious. Obviously, Harbaugh was excited. But, C’mon man. Show a little class. Ya, you just won a game. Don’t go and curse out the opposing coach. It’s not like you played the game or anything. Times like these remind me of Rex Ryan saying that HE beat Peyton Manning.

Yes, it’s true that players reflect their coaches. The league can just hope that Harbaugh’s squad has more class than he does.


Big Cats are in danger

nullThroughout history, human have considered lions the biggest predators in the world. However, the biggest predator for lions is human. During 1960, there were 450,000 lions in the world, but the recent study shows that there are fewer 20,000.

The reason for the declining is because of hunting. This activity has largely damaged the population of the wild cats and influenced the balance between lions and other cattle cultures. For example, if we killed the lead male lion in the lion group, it can have a drastic effect to the whole group.

After the former lead male lion got killed, a new male lion will come into the group and possibly kill all the cubs and some of the female lion. Lions are the most vital center point in many ecosystems. If the number of lions keeps decreasing, our whole environment will eventually collapse, because it will affect the water system, the prey’s migration, and the cattle will overgraze and destroy the vegetation. So now people associate with National Geographic to found the Big Cat Initiative in order to prevent the illegal hunt of the big cat and to maintain our ecosystem.