Mew vs. 1.1 Million Lions

One billion lions vs. every single Pokémon, who would win? This is a common argument seen on the internet that seems to never end. On one side, there are 898 extremely powerful and versatile Pokémon. On the other side, there is an exponentially larger number of exponentially less powerful lions.

Most people argue that the lions prevail, which is quite valid since one billion is an absurd number. They are wrong. Some Pokémon are literal gods of their worlds which means they could easily wipe out thousands of lions without much effort. To pull this off each Pokémon would have to kill an average of 1.1 million lions. Which is absurd. However, there’s a decent amount of Pokémon that could just permanently stay out of the reach of any lions. It doesn’t matter if it’s one lion or one billion lions, they can’t kill anything that can fly, swim, travel underground or teleport.

The lions can’t kill certain Pokémon, and the ones that they can kill can probably make a dent in the numbers before they go. If it was only Pokémon that stay on the surface, it would be no competition, a billion of anything could win. It is fair to think that the lions would win, one billion is a number that’s completely unperceivable, but regardless of the number, the lions have no way to kill these Pokémon.

Photo Credit: @MaxKetchum_ on Twitter

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