A Crucial Mistake

When I was five I moved into the house that I live in now and when my family moved in we had some friends over. Around three months after we had moved in we decided to have a barbeque with some of our friends from the next town over. While we were doing this the parents were sat inside the house while my friend and I played in the front yard with some soccer balls and other things. We then decided to play with the horseshoes that we had found in the back yard, these shoes were very rusty and not at all safe to play with, but we were little boys so we did it anyway. We began to play our own version of horseshoes where we stood on opposing sides of the field, this was a horrible idea because it meant we were throwing these rusty horseshoes at each other. About ten minutes into this activity me friend threw a horseshoe that happened to line up with my head, not fun. It hit me in the forehead spitting it open and leaving a large gash. But I didn’t know this because I had applied so much pressure to it that no blood was coming out. This led to my mom removing my hand and a fountain of blood pouring out. She then took me to the ER to get stitches and I was sent on my way with a fun story and a scar to prove it.

image credit: 123fr.com

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