Over the Bars on a Dirtbike

To start this was about four or five years ago, my family along with a couple of other families go out to the desert around three or four times a year. We generally go to the same spot but around new year the site we stay at is a little more contested. One of these trips we went out and around half way through the trip we decided to go on a ride that was around 100 miles. Trips that are 100 miles usually take around seven hours, this particular trip was to a place where people put memorials to riders that have died in the desert. The ride consisted of lots of hills and a large open dried up lake bed where we would ride really fast. Shockingly enough that isn’t where I fell.

On the way back we took a similar route to the way there but we were going into the sun so it was getting hard to see. We jumped onto a dirt road in the middle of nowhere to speed up the process of getting home to our camp. We rode for a long while and were just getting back to camp on the road and the sun had just gotten to the point where is was near impossible to see because of the angle that the sun is coming at. I remember feeling my bike just stop and me keep going, this was followed by a section of time that felt slow as I flew forward over the bars of the dirtbike. As I hit the ground head first landing on my visor and the impact sliding out through my body. After I hit the ground it took me a second to gather my senses and get up. When I did get up I realized that my visor on my helmet had broken at the base from the impact of the ground. As it turned out I had hit a rock that I couldn’t see because of the sun in my eyes and it launched me forward while nearly stopping my dirtbike in its tracks.

Image Credit: Dirt Bike Planet

Running Thoughts

Ok lets go I got this,

there’s the start and go

c’mon lets go run fast fast fast

ok slow down its going more uphill

why is he having a conversation with that runner, never mind

Focus on me and my breathing

holy shit how is he that far ahead already

Ok just go at my own pace

Run past the office and little more till the downhill keep going

Ok mow the downhill ahhh I can chill out a little bit

don’t go slow though

lets go run run run im at the bottom getting closer

theres the trailer

and the driveway

and bear gate

ok 1.3 miles left

but there all uphill


I’m gonna walk for a little I’m hurting a lot

Ok that’s enough of a break go

Aw shoot it still hurts

I just have to finish this

C’mon almost done last little bit no walking

Oh shit theres the gate lets goooooo

Dang they sprinted,

I did tell coach I would too so

At the gate go go go go go

oh wow I cant feel my legs like at all that’s fun

And done in 26:35

Not imma get myself a popsicle


Image credit: depositphotos.com

Violence in the streets

Earlier this week in the rural streets of a small town in California there was a recent act of domestic violence. This act was witnessed by a local mother on her way to pick her son up from school. She has asked to remain anonymous for the story but did disclose information about the acts that occurred. The mother has said that she witnessed a man running shirtless with a baby down the street with a woman running after him. Because of what the mother saw she decided to loop around the block because of her concern for the situation. The situation escalated quickly turning from a simple argument to a full on fight, this was set off because the woman had pulled the baby from the man’s arms. The whiteness said “once the baby was in the woman’s arms the man started to pull at her hair and eventually kicked her in the face”. Around this time the whiteness had decided that it was about time to call the cops, but she was interrupted by the man who yelled at her for help to save the baby. The whiteness then exited her vehicle and attempted to stop the conflict and whilst she was doing this the police showed up and stopped the conflict. The whiteness final statement was “I was sincerely concerned for the well being for that baby because it was not crying”. She then elaborated that the baby not crying most likely means that this is not the first time a situation like this has occurred.

Photo Credit: Worddreams