My Chatty Self

I talk a lot, as many of my fellow journalists and my teachers know. I am quite the talker in most circumstances. During class, I used to consistently be sent outside for being a disturbance for talking in class. But somewhat recently I have learned to control my outbursts of vocal engagement. For example, recently the OVS journalist participated in THE ONE CHIP CHALLENGE, where three of the journalists ate chips that were very spicy. There were many times when I wanted to comment on what was happening, but I was able to make myself just shut up for the duration of the filming of the event. I find that I will speak without thinking and say something stupid that I don’t mean. People don’t realize that about me until they get to know me. I have made great strides in not speaking in class and even just being more of a quiet person in general. I hope that I continue on this path and it allows me to not be as intrusive to the class time.


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