I’m Extremely White

From spice tolerance to the complexity of my skin I am one of the whitest guys I know. For the record, I am aware of the ease in my life that being an upper-middle-class white male gives me in life. I find that some of the main things that affect me in a different way than someone of the same age and class but nonwhite male are the way that I am looked at in almost every aspect of my life. I don’t have a rough time with people most of the time even when I’m doing things that are somewhat illegal. For example, I go into town most weekends and sometimes I partake in a little bit of trespassing and just look somewhat shady sometimes and I’ve never been arrested or even questioned. There is only one encounter with the police that I can remember that I have had and it was extremely pleasant. One of the nights that I was out in town with some friends we decided to play bike tag at night. If you don’t know what bike tag is, it is exactly what it sounds like, but every time you stop biking you have to check snap maps to give the seeker an advantage by being able to see your recent locations. Continuing to the story, a couple of cops pulled over me and like two of my friends that were playing and asked us if we were yelling and egging houses, (we were not) so we told them that we weren’t and that we had seen a different group of kids doing so. They just believed us and let us go with no further questioning, and it makes me wonder if my friends or I were to be people of color would we have been asked more into it.

Aside from the police treating me in a possibly different way, I fall into the category of white people that are horrible with any spicy food. Some spicy food I can handle, but anything past like Chile Verde and I will tear up a little bit. I know that that sounds like such a baby thing but I just don’t find myself eating high spice foods often, I know that there are white people that love spice. I just am not that white guy. I do season my food with more than just salt though, so I’m not a monster that doesn’t know how to season his food.

I’d say that I’m somewhat tan, like not enough where it’s like dang he’s tan, but enough that I’m not like paper. That is why I am so white but not necessarily physically the whitest person ever.

source: The Guardian

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