Center Blocker Bombs

For the first time in eleven years, my school has a boy’s volleyball team and we have done shockingly well. To begin I play middle blocker, which means that I only play in the front row of the court (against the net) and my main goal is to be a wall that blocks the enemy team’s spikes. I also occasionally spike the ball myself. Going back to the volleyball team as a whole, this season we went 4-5 and made it to CIF as third in the league. Sadly we lost our first match in CIF, but for a team of kids that are just learning how to play the sport, we did quite well. To cover the CIF match we were down for the majority of the first two sets but gained a small lead in the third set but we soon lost that lead and eventually lost the match. I think that we played the best we have all season at that specific match and we still have so much room to grow individually, as well as a team. If all of us put our minds to it and work hard we will get there and eventually destroy the league we play in and get first in the league.

Image Credit: Santa Cruz Sentinal

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