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Scapa’s Journey

There are many things I love in life, and one of those happens to be animals, more specifically horses. I’ve grown up around horses since I was young. Horses are amazing, and if anyone knows me, I talk about horses … Continue reading

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The Great Adventures of Tim Part 1

Tim is a student at a small school. He is known by all his teachers and classmates and he is a very responsible student. His life was very normal and things always seem to work out just fine. Until, one … Continue reading

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Mirror Reflection

It’s dark. No. It’s a soft dark. It’s dark where everything looks painted in black, but not dark where forms would be invisible. My watch says 3:00. Why must I wake up at 3 in the morning? My roomate is … Continue reading

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No Name Woman.

This summer I read a story about the old traditional Chinese family back to the 1920s. It was called “No Name Woman,” extracted from the book “Woman Warrior“written by Maxine Hong Kingston. I was really shocked by the situation that … Continue reading

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“All systems go.” Said the leader of our group. This seemed familiar for some reason. We were colliding particles at mind boggling speeds, something interesting was bound to happen. I am just a lab technician with an eye for detail. … Continue reading

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To the sea

Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to explore the sea. Today I got my chance. I got into my skin tight waterproof suit and entered my sub. I went deeper and deeper seeing the assortment of aquatic … Continue reading

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The Outbreak

Subject 0 noticed his first symptom on November 5, 2012, A pinching feeling in the area of the brain stem. He thought nothing of it, this was his first mistake. He was a large man who looks as though he … Continue reading

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